Vasseur Avoids F1 Rivalry with Wolff, Horner, Brown

Vasseur Avoids F1 Rivalry with Wolff, Horner, Brown


Fred Vasseur steers clear of escalating tensions among F1’s leading figures, focusing on Ferrari’s internal development rather than engaging in public disputes with Wolff, Horner, and Brown.

Vasseur does not wish to get involved in the media conflicts that have pitted three of his direct rivals against each other since Miami: Toto Wolff, Zak Brown, and Christian Horner.

During the Miami weekend, Toto Wolff and Zak Brown commented on the resumes they receive from Red Bull Racing. The Ferrari team director does not want to engage in this war of words, but he also hinted that behind the scenes, the Scuderia was also planning quite a few recruitments.

“A lot of people from all teams are doing a lot of interviews at Maranello. Including people from Mercedes!” Vasseur said laughing, with a hint of humor directed at Wolff.

“I do not want to waste energy on a bad topic. We have a lot to do internally. We need to improve. We need to recruit. We need to develop the car. We have a huge amount of work on the table. And I do not want to waste my energy, my time, and my budget fighting with my colleagues, that is not at all my approach, and I will not go down that path.”

“I feel that the hostility was rather between Toto and Oliver [Mintzlaff].”

When asked about Brown’s role in this matter, Vasseur joked that the McLaren CEO had slipped “into the slipstream” of the war between Red Bull and Mercedes F1.

Horner has even accused Wolff and Brown of attempting to destabilize his team (read here).

Vasseur Avoids F1 Rivalry with Wolff, Horner, Brown. Vasseur Avoids F1 Rivalry with Wolff, Horner, Brown

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