Horner Claims Brown and Wolff Aim to Destabilize Red Bull

Horner Claims Brown and Wolff Aim to Destabilize Red Bull


Christian Horner alleges that McLaren’s Zak Brown and Mercedes’ Toto Wolff are orchestrating efforts to undermine Red Bull Racing’s stability.

The team principal has refused to entertain the idea of resigning—even after the announced departure of Adrian Newey.

And he could also lose Max Verstappen. Senior sources told the BBC that Dr. Helmut Marko has promised Verstappen he would do whatever Max wanted. In other words, if Verstappen wants to move to Mercedes F1, Aston Martin, or any other team, Marko would make it possible by resigning to activate his departure clause.

Horner indeed believes that the troubles within the Austrian team are also due to external factors. The Briton is convinced that other teams are deliberately trying to destabilize Red Bull.

Horner is not secretive about naming names: McLaren and Mercedes F1.

Horner Claims Brown and Wolff Aim to Destabilize Red Bull

“I think we know there are two candidates involved in an ongoing destabilization effort of our team; they talk a lot. And listen, I’m not going to charge Zak [Brown, CEO of McLaren] for it, but I’d be more focused on Toto [Wolff, CEO of Mercedes F1], who has his own issues.”

The head of the Red Bull team says he is not bothered by the fact that more and more staff members from the Austrian stable are applying to McLaren.

“Of course, there will always be movement between teams, I don’t know how many people we have employed from McLaren this year or how many people from RB F1 we have employed. From Mercedes, we have hired 220 people. 220 in the Red Bull powertrain groups, so when we talk about losing people, I would be a bit more worried about the 220, not maybe one or two.”

Since this weekend, it has been clear that Sporting Director Jonathan Wheatley is open to a team principal role at another F1 team. He does not rule out extending his stay with Red Bull Racing if such an opportunity does not materialize. Notably, he is in contact with Alpine F1.

“There are rumors about everyone, so the contracts between individuals and their terms and conditions are not something we discuss publicly,” Horner said.

Toto Wolff has himself calmed speculation following comments by Zak Brown, who claimed in Miami that CVs of prominent members of the Red Bull technical department were circulating among several teams.

“It goes through all the levers but I would say it’s nothing out of the ordinary. People change teams and want to change environments. So, I’ve reached the point where I’m not really interested in what’s going on, what’s happening with the management of Red Bull, I don’t listen anymore.”

“I think it’s important for us to look at our team and to see, to develop strong people and, perhaps, to bring in interesting and competent individuals from other teams to Mercedes F1.”

Horner Claims Brown and Wolff Aim to Destabilize Red Bull

Horner Claims Brown and Wolff Aim to Destabilize Red Bull. Horner Claims Brown and Wolff Aim to Destabilize Red Bull

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