Norris Conquers Critics with Stellar Miami Win

Norris Conquers Critics with Stellar Miami Win


Lando Norris’s victory in Miami silences the ‘Lando No-wins’ taunts, proving his mettle under pressure.

Before his first victory in Miami, Lando Norris was nicknamed ‘Lando No-wins’ by some naysayers… which legitimately annoyed the Brit.

Now, that’s ancient history: Lando Norris has won his first Formula 1 Grand Prix.

When Norris was leading the race towards the end, everyone remembered Sochi 2021 (a rainy race he almost won…): what if something happened to Lando? A mechanical failure, a minor error…?

Did McLaren F1 driver Norris himself think back to Sochi 2021 during yesterday’s race in Miami? Even though the two Grands Prix had nothing in common… (Lando Norris had lost the race because he didn’t pit in time as the rain began)?

“The situation in Russia was very, very different,” confirms the McLaren F1 driver.

“A lot of people badmouth Sochi and what happened there. And yes, I potentially lost a victory. I indeed lost a victory. Me and us.”

“I never want to denigrate the team, but I didn’t do the best job possible and, as a team, we did not perform at our best. That’s what happened. And even though people, yes, like to continue using that and say… even after China last weekend when I made a mistake in Turn 1…”

It’s clear that Lando Norris has been affected by the criticism… and he is now happy to have silenced these ill-intentioned detractors!

“Yes, many people doubted my ability to win races and to perform under the pressure of the race, especially with Max behind you, but this year, I’ve felt more confident than ever.”

“I wasn’t thinking about those things. Last year, I probably would have thought about them. But this year, I’ve managed to keep my mind more focused on my work. I’m doing a good job. I’m fast and I’m executing things exactly as I want. I’ve improved many of my weaknesses and all that work has paid off.”

“So no, I wasn’t thinking about that thing (Sochi). I was smiling. And I was wondering how I was going to celebrate.”

“After the finish, I transformed into something else. It’s just that you’re happy. My voice hurts a bit. My throat hurts. Yes, you forget all that. You don’t really care about what you’re thinking about. You just look at the track. You focus on that.”

Norris Conquers Critics with Stellar Miami Win

One of Lando Norris’s first thoughts now goes to those who harassed him on social media…

“I never lost faith. I never stopped believing in what I could do. So, I’m happy to put that to rest and prove that many of these people were wrong, because, yes…”

“Even if I go on Instagram and like all the comments from people who harass me, I love it. It makes me smile more than anything, especially ‘Lando No-wins.’ It’s become the thing. And yes, the fact that I’ve finally proved these people wrong… that I’ve proved to those who didn’t think I was capable of doing it has given me an even bigger smile. So I thank them all.”

He also thinks back to his missed victory in Qatar, in the Sprint

Lando Norris had come close to victory many other times (he had 8 second places to his credit). Does he think back to any particular race where he could have won?

“Yes. There was one occasion, just one, and it was Qatar last year (in the sprint race). I lost it.”

“I don’t know if there’s a main race that I’ve missed, to be honest. And that’s obviously the one that has the most value, the one that means the most to you.”

“I want to say that I don’t think there’s been a Sunday where I’ve thrown a victory away. I may have lost a podium or a second place, but I think every time I’ve had a chance to try for a victory, I was there.”

“There were a few times when I got stuck in those opportunities. One of them was last year in Singapore, and Carlos won it. And another in Australia this year, where the two Ferraris were ahead. Aside from that, there hasn’t been a Sunday like that. And even if people want to say there was this and that and, yes, Russia and whatever, the Qatar sprint, there hasn’t been a Sunday.”

“I missed a victory because of something I did wrong in qualifications or in a sprint race, but not more than that.”

Norris Conquers Critics with Stellar Miami Win

Norris Conquers Critics with Stellar Miami Win. Norris Conquers Critics with Stellar Miami Win

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