Unlocking Albon s Williams Progress James Vowles Role f1 2024
Alex Albon's remarkable comeback at Williams has garnered attention (Image: Getty Images).

Albon’s Quest for Success at Williams F1 Team


Alex Albon is highly regarded at Williams F1, but as with any driver who has returned to prominence, he is naturally looking to achieve better results.

How far is the Grove-based team from achieving this? The Thai driver admits to having questioned James Vowles, the team’s boss for a year.

Vowles, of course, has a benchmark in the best areas as he has been involved in Mercedes F1‘s numerous successes in recent years before leaving his role as chief strategist.

“I’m a curious guy,” Albon smiles.

“I asked James about this because it’s important for me to know: how are we doing? Where are we? Are we further behind than he thought, and is this gap increasing or decreasing with the time he spends with the team?”

“It’s interesting. There are specific areas where we are very strong as a team. I think we are a very strong racing team. I think we execute our weekends very well with our current resources.”

“I don’t think we often have a bad strategy, that we make the most of every moment, and when we are able to score points, we do almost every time.”

“But of course, there are areas where we need to improve and where we are far behind. James’s attention has definitely shifted to broader areas, which are much more important to focus on for the long term. Like aging infrastructure. He immediately tackled this because there were few questions on this side, and it takes a long time to rejuvenate everything.”

“So, it’s interesting to talk to him and see in which areas we are different from the team he knew before. And it’s not always bad things, because we are different.”

Unlocking Albon’s Williams Progress – James Vowles’ Role. Unlocking Albon’s Williams Progress – James Vowles’ Role

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