Tsunoda's Surge to 7th After Alonso's Penalty

Tsunoda’s Surge to 7th After Alonso’s Penalty


Yuki Tsunoda secures a strategic seventh place in Australia, propelling RB F1 up the constructors’ rankings.

Yuki Tsunoda clinched seventh place at the Australian Grand Prix following a penalty to Fernando Alonso, securing six points that elevated RB F1 to sixth in the constructors’ standings. The Japanese driver expressed satisfaction with a rewarding Sunday in Australia.

“I’m delighted; we’ve finally scored points after two highly challenging races,” Tsunoda stated. “I’m thrilled; it’s the perfect way to finish the race ahead of my home Grand Prix.”

“The team did an outstanding job in the end. We had good pace, which was evident in the previous two races, but this one was probably the best of the three. We’ll investigate why we performed well to continue doing so.”

Daniel Ricciardo is facing a tough start to the season but managed to find perspective: “I think today, the frustration was set aside; I let go. There could have been broken objects after the qualifying, but maybe with age, you become calmer!”

“I did my best, and it was good to have some pace. However, there were aspects during the race that I noted to discuss with the engineers, to collect data. I wished for a better weekend, but we’re looking at the bigger picture.”

Ricciardo admits that his season’s start hasn’t met his expectations: “These races haven’t been the best, especially considering our preparation; I didn’t expect to be in this position. But I’m not disheartened by this.”

“I believe I can still do it, but there’s data analysis, driving techniques I need to understand why I feel this way, why I’m doing this, what the correlation is. I ask them a lot of questions to improve.”

“But the car is an evolution of last year’s, it’s not as if everything was changed this winter. And there’s a certain confidence in that, it doesn’t mean the car suits Yuki more than me.”

Tsunoda’s Surge to 7th After Alonso’s Penalty. Tsunoda’s Surge to 7th After Alonso’s Penalty


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