Haas Teamwork Success F1 2024 Australia

Hülkenberg’s Luck Leads Haas to Top 10 Finish


Nico Hülkenberg secures a spot in the top 10 for Haas F1 in Australia, leveraging a stroke of luck and showcasing team strength.

Nico Hülkenberg secured his second consecutive points finish for Haas F1, placing both cars in the top 10 in Australia this Sunday. The German driver did not hide his satisfaction, acknowledging a stroke of luck in his race.

“The first Virtual Safety Car (VSC) worked in my favor, we had a good race, the car was strong, and I’m happy,” Hülkenberg stated. “We finished ninth and tenth, and with Max not finishing, there’s not much left if the top five teams complete the race. However, I’m encouraged because the car performed better in the race than in qualifying, which is advantageous.”

Magnussen Hails Teamwork for Haas’ Point Scoring

Kevin Magnussen celebrates Haas F1’s strategic success, landing both cars in the points in a display of team synergy.

Kevin Magnussen, finishing tenth, also expressed contentment with the results: “It’s great, we got both cars in the points, another fine example of teamwork. The VSC didn’t benefit me but it brought Nico back into contention. It’s a fantastic day, we scored three points following a decent qualifying, which is very good.”

“It’s highly encouraging. Our driving strategy has completely changed. Last year, we’d wake up on Sunday morning knowing it wouldn’t be good. Now, we know we have a chance to fight, we’re faster in the race than on Saturday, so we must continue in this direction.”

Haas Teamwork Success F1 2024 Australia. Haas Teamwork Success F1 2024 Australia


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