Tsunoda Red Bull Future

Tsunoda’s Future with Red Bull Uncertain for 2025


Honda has not yet decided if Yuki Tsunoda will remain with Red Bull beyond next year, amid team dynamics and performance evaluations.

Honda asserts that no decision has been made regarding whether Yuki Tsunoda will leave the Red Bull family next year.

In Bahrain, Tsunoda’s relationship with teammate Daniel Ricciardo got off to a rocky start in 2024 after the Japanese driver lost his temper over a team order.

Koji Watanabe, head of HRC, Red Bull Racing and RB F1’s engine partner, acknowledges that it’s still uncertain if Tsunoda will continue to receive support from Red Bull beyond 2024.

“Red Bull will be with us until 2025, so if Yuki is a winning-capable driver, of course, they would want him on their team.”

“In my regular meetings with Red Bull, I’m told that it depends on this year’s performance. They have high expectations, and to meet them, in my view, requires a podium finish.”

“Of course, the word ‘podium’ wasn’t mentioned, but I believe to reach the top team, one needs to perform at that level, and I believe he can do it.”

Lawson’s F1 Debut

However, it seems more than likely that Red Bull will grant Liam Lawson, who impressed during his replacement stints in 2023, a full-time F1 debut with RB next year.

This aligns with rumors that Honda, facing the imminent end of its partnership with Red Bull and RB, and transitioning to a new factory partnership with Aston Martin for 2026, might see Tsunoda making the same move to the Greens.

“I haven’t thought about it,” insists Watanabe.

“I told Yuki I wanted him to do ‘his thing’ without being tied to Honda. Just because we’re partnering with Aston Martin from 2026 doesn’t mean Honda-trained drivers must go to Aston Martin.”

“What’s important is that Honda-trained drivers succeed, regardless of the team they work for. But it would be great if we were on the same team.”

Tsunoda Red Bull Future. Tsunoda Red Bull Future


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