Hamilton's Ferrari 2025 insight

The Recruitment of Lewis : A No-Brainer for Every Team Principal


Fred Vasseur, Ferrari’s principal, weighs in on Lewis Hamilton’s pivotal transfer to Scuderia in 2025, emphasizing his unparalleled value to the team.

Vasseur cannot avoid addressing the significant off-season news of Lewis Hamilton’s upcoming transfer to Scuderia starting from the 2025 season, following the first Grand Prix of the season in Bahrain.

When asked about what Hamilton will bring to Ferrari, Vasseur is clear.

“For any team principal, I think it’s simple: if you have the opportunity to sign Lewis, you go for it.”

“What he will bring is that he is the only seven-time world champion on the grid today. He will not only bring speed to the car with his technical approach but will also bring a different perspective to the team.”

“It’s important for me to have a kind of cultural mix, and he will come with that experience from Mercedes, which is definitely a value addition.”

Regarding the advantage of having already worked with Hamilton in the junior categories, Vasseur added, “It’s always an advantage to know someone and to have that kind of relationship.”

“But you build a different relationship when you have an 18-year-old driver compared to when you have a world champion. It’s probably more of an advantage for managers, especially!”

Hamilton’s Ferrari 2025 insight. Hamilton’s Ferrari 2025 insight


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