Tsunoda Outshines Ricciardo with Strategic Braking

Tsunoda Outshines Ricciardo with Strategic Braking


Yuki Tsunoda credits his early season lead over Ricciardo to superior braking and weekend adjustments at RB F1.

Tsunoda was questioned on how he managed to gain an advantage over Daniel Ricciardo early in the season. He attributes his success to a high confidence in braking and a clear vision for adjustments during the weekend, helping him outperform his teammate at RB F1.

“I would say that, so far, I think he knows how to make this car’s specific characteristics fast, based on my experiences over the last three years,” he stated. “Even though I tend to struggle more in FP1 and FP2 than him.”

“In fact, he drives well. But I feel we make significant progress between FP2 and FP3, overnight, and that’s how we improve. Obviously, the car’s characteristics have slightly changed from last year, so it’s not easy for me either.”

“As for driving, we’re quite similar, I would say, but my strong point is probably braking. I have a lot of confidence, and not many drivers brake as well as I do. So, braking is my strength, and I think we can at least maximize the performance of this aspect.”

“I want to be someone the team can rely on.”

Now in his fourth season with the team formerly known as AlphaTauri, Tsunoda aims to be a cornerstone: “I’d say the team has changed a lot, but one thing that hasn’t changed much is the driver, namely me.”

“I’ve been here for four years now, and I just want to be someone the team can rely on, especially a stable guy who helps them move in the same direction or helps them think correctly.”

“Based on my experience from the last three years with this team. At the same time, yes, I think that most people, I’ve said the mechanics, for example, the engineers, don’t change much.”

“Obviously, the top changes a lot. So, yes, I think those parts still need some time to adjust, but at the same time, I think we’re all working very well so far.”

Tsunoda Outshines Ricciardo with Strategic Braking. Tsunoda Outshines Ricciardo with Strategic Braking


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