Tsunoda Eyes Red Bull

Tsunoda Eyes Red Bull, Ricciardo Nears F1 Exit Door


Yuki Tsunoda’s standout performance at Red Bull contrasts sharply with teammate Daniel Ricciardo’s struggles, highlighting a pivotal moment for their careers in the competitive realm of Formula 1 racing.

At RB F1, while one driver considers joining the team at the forefront of Formula 1, Red Bull, his teammate seems to be facing the exit door at the moment.

“It was a fantastic performance by Yuki Tsunoda,” stated Dr. Helmut Marko, a consultant for Red Bull.

“He was there the entire time and made no mistakes. The top five teams are so strong that it’s quite an achievement to get ahead of them.”

He was referring to Yuki Tsunoda’s performance, who qualified eighth – ten positions ahead of his increasingly struggling teammate, Daniel Ricciardo. And the Japanese driver finished 7th in the race (after Fernando Alonso’s penalty).

Two days earlier, Marko had conceded that Ricciardo and Sergio Perez – both 34 years old – were too old to be the “future” stars of Red Bull Racing but he didn’t see a driver capable of replacing the Mexican in the short term.

Tsunoda Eyes Red Bull

“I hope they will consider me at Red Bull Racing,” stated the Japanese Tsunoda.

“I want to prove my worth as a driver, also to other teams. I want to show that I am a true fighter.”

As for the former race winner Ricciardo, however, his value seems to be fading fast – even after Red Bull saved his career last year following his departure from McLaren.

“I think the pressure is still too much for him,” said former F1 driver Giedo van der Garde. “Somehow, he can’t handle it anymore. I don’t think he will make it to the end of the season if he continues this way.”

Indeed, the Australian Ricciardo does not deny being overshadowed by Tsunoda during his home race this weekend.

“I can tell you I couldn’t have improved by seven-tenths,” he said, referring to the gap with the sister car.

This does not bode well for Ricciardo’s chances of staying in Formula 1 next year, let alone returning to Red Bull Racing to be Max Verstappen’s new teammate.

“How is he going to compete with Verstappen if he can’t get on top of Tsunoda in the same team?” wonders former F1 driver David Brabham.

“Confidence in Daniel within the Red Bull camp will quickly turn against him.”

When asked if he would move to another series if his F1 journey ended again at the end of the year – or even sooner – Ricciardo responded that he was only interested in the top category of motorsport.

“I know for sure it’s Formula 1 or nothing. If we’re talking about other championships, for now, I’d rather just remain a fan.”

Tsunoda Eyes Red Bull, Ricciardo Nears F1 Exit Door. Tsunoda Eyes Red Bull, Ricciardo Nears F1 Exit Door.


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