Piastri Supports McLaren's Orders at Australian GP

Piastri Supports McLaren’s Orders at Australian GP


During the Australian Grand Prix, Oscar Piastri showed team spirit by adhering to McLaren’s strategy, allowing teammate Lando Norris to pass him, showcasing professionalism and tactical acumen.

Oscar Piastri has no issues with McLaren’s race orders allowing Lando Norris to overtake him at the Australian Grand Prix.

Piastri was two positions behind his teammate in fourth when Ferrari and McLaren decided to respond to Mercedes’ earlier pit stop for George Russell on lap 9.

Instead of pitting the leading driver, the team brought Piastri in and managed an undercut on Norris after the Briton made his first stop four laps later.

However, McLaren instructed Piastri to let his teammate through mid-race, with Norris aiming to reclaim his position lost to Charles Leclerc.

Despite hoping for a podium finish at home, Piastri acknowledges the decision was correct.

“For me, it was completely fair. He qualified ahead of me yesterday, stayed out a bit longer on the first stop, and was catching up and faster at that point in the race.”

“At that time, I was with Leclerc, and Lando was catching up with both of us, so honestly, I was hoping he would overtake me and go after Charles.”

“Of course, at home, I would have loved to stay third. But for me, it was completely fair.”

After outperforming Norris in two of the three practice sessions, Piastri lamented making “too many mistakes” during his final qualifying lap, finishing sixth.

“I think for me, it was a strong weekend. A few mistakes when it mattered, which is a bit frustrating, but in the race, it’s a solid result.”

“I had a slight off in the middle to the end of the second stint, and the tires blistered a bit there, so I just struggled a bit in that part of the race.”

“I just couldn’t really recover them, so there are things to learn, to see what I could have done a bit better. Other than that, it was quite an intense final day.”

“For me, the biggest surprise was honestly the pace of Sergio Perez. I expected him to get past us, and he didn’t. So that’s probably a bit of optimism for everyone on the grid.”

Piastri Supports McLaren's Orders at Australian GP

Piastri Supports McLaren’s Orders at Australian GP. Piastri Supports McLaren’s Orders at Australian GP


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