Tsunoda Claims F1 Targets His Radio Messages

Tsunoda Claims F1 Targets His Radio Messages


Yuki Tsunoda feels his radio communications are deliberately chosen for F1 broadcasts, highlighting tension and his commitment to maturity.

Following Fernando Alonso’s time with McLaren Honda, Yuki Tsunoda has suggested that his radio messages are specifically targeted by Formula 1 for broadcast purposes.

During race weekends, F1 often airs radio communications between drivers and their race engineers to provide additional insights.

Tsunoda’s radio messages at the end of the Bahrain Grand Prix were broadcast amid instructions from RB F1 to swap positions with teammate Daniel Ricciardo.

The Japanese driver contested the order before eventually letting Ricciardo pass, but his frustration was apparent when he nearly made contact with Ricciardo at turn 8 after the checkered flag.

Since these incidents, Tsunoda has committed—once again—to improve his maturity on the radio, a recurring theme since his entry into F1.

“It’s still a learning process, and probably what I showed on Saturday in Bahrain was the opposite of progress on my part,” Tsunoda acknowledges.

“But I keep reminding myself just before getting into the car not to ‘press the radio button’, but when I do, when I say those things, I clearly think F1 is just waiting to broadcast it. To be honest, they must air all my slightly annoyed messages, which is barely 1%!”

“I don’t know what it looks like on the radio and then on TV. I don’t know, but the more I say, the worse it gets on their part.”

“So I’m just going to say I’ll do my best to improve. And you’ll see it on the track in the upcoming races.”

Tsunoda Claims F1 Targets His Radio Messages. Tsunoda Claims F1 Targets His Radio Messages


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