Pirelli Tire Selection F1

Pirelli’s Tire Picks for F1’s Global April-May Races


Pirelli selects strategic tire compounds for F1’s intense April-May circuit, including Suzuka, Shanghai, and Miami, aiming for optimal performance.

Pirelli has unveiled the tire selections for the upcoming Japanese, Chinese, and Miami Grands Prix, spanning from April 7 to May 5.

At Suzuka, one of the most demanding circuits for tires in terms of loads, the three hardest compounds have been chosen. As expected, the nominations are: C1 as the Hard, C2 as the Medium, and C3 as the Soft compound.

For the other two races, the intermediate trio of compounds has been selected: C2 as the Hard, C3 as the Medium, and C4 as the Soft; even though these two circuits have very different characteristics.

Shanghai makes a major return after a five-year hiatus. Consequently, how the new generation of cars introduced in 2022 interacts with the track – featuring a mix of various turns and one of the longest straights in F1, approximately 1.2 kilometers – is somewhat an unknown.

In Miami, however, on a track that is relatively gentle on the tires, the unknown will be represented by the ambient temperatures. These could be quite high at this time of year, leading to significant levels of thermal degradation.

Pirelli Tire Selection F1. Pirelli Tire Selection F1


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