The Battle Between Verstappen and Hamilton A Look Back

Anticipation Grows for Verstappen-Hamilton Title Clash


David Croft, a commentator at Sky Sports, responded to a fan’s question regarding Max Verstappen‘s driving style. The Brit believes that the Red Bull Racing driver is definitely not a dirty racer, but in the past, he could be aggressive. According to Croft, this aggression contributed to an exciting championship battle in 2021. The commentator also hopes that Lewis Hamilton can soon pose a threat to the three-time world champion once again.

In the past, Verstappen has faced criticism regarding his driving style and his behavior in wheel-to-wheel battles with his competitors. Analysts have often found the Dutchman to be too aggressive, and other drivers have occasionally expressed their grievances about the Red Bull driver. In 2016, a rule was even introduced prohibiting drivers from making steering movements during braking, following multiple complaints about Verstappen’s actions.

Last year, Verstappen didn’t need to defend his position much to maintain it. The three-time world champion was head and shoulders above the rest of the field. Croft also comes to the defense of the Red Bull driver to some extent. “I don’t think Max is a dirty driver,” the commentator is quoted as saying by PlanetF1. “I think in the early stages of his career, he was overly aggressive at times. But I think he has refined that now.”

Croft hopes for a new title battle between Verstappen and Hamilton.

However, Croft does hope that Verstappen will soon have a genuine challenger once again. The Sky Sports commentator mentions Hamilton, with whom Verstappen has previously fought for the title. That rivalry reached boiling point multiple times, with both Verstappen and Hamilton being deemed responsible for incidents by race officials on several occasions. In the end, Verstappen managed to secure the championship in his favor in the very last lap of the last race.

Due to Verstappen’s current dominance, many fans are longing for a title battle like the one in 2021. Croft anticipates that Hamilton could pose a challenge to the Dutchman given his experience. “Lewis is a seven-time world champion, and he knows he has to be a bit aggressive. I think Lewis knows especially that he has to be aggressive against Max. That’s why that battle is really good for the viewership,” the reporter concludes.

The Battle Between Verstappen and Hamilton: A Look Back f1 2024. The Battle Between Verstappen and Hamilton: A Look Back f1 2024.

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