Steiner Questions Alonso's Penalty Decision

Steiner Questions Alonso’s Penalty Decision


Günther Steiner expresses doubts over the fairness of Fernando Alonso’s penalty for his controversial move on George Russell during the race.

Fernando Alonso’s penalty for deliberately slowing down in front of George Russell, causing the Mercedes F1 driver to go off-track, leaves Günther Steiner skeptical. The former Haas team principal believes the race direction overreacted.

Yes, Alonso’s move was somewhat extreme in slowing down, but the stewards clearly judged based on the consequences, including the dramatic image of a car off to the side, which might have been startling. And Steiner feels the stewards weren’t clear enough in their verdict.

“I haven’t seen the data, I’ve only read what all of you have, that he was on the brakes, tapping the brakes, things like that,” Steiner said. “I think we’re at a point where, as with Kevin defending in Saudi Arabia, Fernando was defending his position.”

“I was with Checo on the plane back from Melbourne, and we had a little discussion about it, concluding that fighting so hard for sixth place was somewhat over the top. I understand everyone needs points, but I think we’re at the limit.”

Steiner believes the stewards’ verdict on Alonso’s “potentially dangerous” driving is incorrect: “But also, the stewards’ verdict wasn’t very clear to me. You’re penalized, but we don’t know if you should be.”

“It’s as if I’m giving you a penalty but am not sure you did wrong. So, I think the stance needs to be clearer and the same for everyone. I believe we were at the limit, if not beyond it.”

Steiner Questions Alonso’s Penalty Decision. Steiner Questions Alonso’s Penalty Decision


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