Russell Mercedes Leadership Challenge

Mercedes’ New Dawn: Is Russell Ready to Lead?


In the wake of Lewis Hamilton’s exit, George Russell steps up as Mercedes’ potential new linchpin, facing a pivotal challenge.

Following the announced departure of Lewis Hamilton, George Russell is often promoted by Mercedes as the new leader. However, this could still prove challenging for the talented Brit.

George Russell’s talent is undeniable. The Brit clinched the Formula 2 championship convincingly in 2018, subsequently making a striking impression at Williams.

In 2019, the Formula 1 car was sluggish, but in 2020 and 2021, Russell managed to deliver impressive results.

Points weren’t always feasible, yet Russell often capitalized on others’ mistakes. Most importantly, he was very fast.

Russell has been part of the Mercedes program, preparing him for the major league. By early 2022, he had his chance alongside Lewis Hamilton. So far, it’s going quite well.

Russell provides substantial competition to the seven-time world champion, secured his first victory at the Brazilian Grand Prix in 2022, and is notably faster than his teammate this season. Nevertheless, Mercedes’ transition has not been overwhelmingly successful.

The team has struggled with the ground effect regulations and has been trailing for over two seasons. Red Bull consistently outpaces and dominates the sport.

Russell’s frequent victories over Hamilton suggest he could take on the leading role as his British teammate departs for Ferrari.

Team principal Toto Wolff has also implied his complete trust in Russell. In February, the Austrian said, “George has the potential to be Mercedes’ new leader. I cannot think of a better team leader.”

Russell’s Leadership Test

Wolff’s words are encouraging, but is Russell truly capable of assuming the leading role and restoring Mercedes to its former glory? There are doubts. Russell has made several mistakes recently and sometimes seems to lack the real killer instinct.

A prime example is his crash in the final lap of the Australian Grand Prix. Granted, Russell was outmaneuvered by Fernando Alonso, but he lost control of his car and squandered valuable points.

Russell should have anticipated Alonso’s maneuvers but seemed completely caught off guard by the incident. Afterward, he refrained from blaming Alonso.

“Clearly, Fernando braked at 100 meters before the corner, then accelerated and took the corner as usual. I’ve reviewed the data. I’m not accusing Alonso, but I followed him for many laps, and he dramatically slowed down that lap, which surprised me.”

This combination of factors is precisely what sets Russell apart from drivers like Max Verstappen, Lewis Hamilton, and Alonso.

Nearly all multiple world champions don’t hesitate to employ tactics and get truly angry when someone obstructs them, whether intentionally or not.

Russell appears more uncertain. He doesn’t assert himself and would never act surreptitiously.

Russell’s Crucial Years

However, the crucial point remains that Wolff has already declared Russell as Mercedes’ leader, even though it’s still unclear who will join him in 2025.

Suppose Wolff manages to secure Verstappen, Alonso, or Carlos Sainz. Can Russell then be considered the undisputed team leader, and will he live up to that?

Russell has earned some credit for regularly beating Hamilton, but his teammate has been wandering the paddock dispirited for months, perhaps even years.

The fighter in Hamilton has been absent for a while. If Alonso or Sainz gets a fresh start at Mercedes, Russell will need to go all out to maintain his position as the lead.

Russell has previously succumbed to pressure, including in Australia and Singapore in 2023, where he crashed in the final lap.

Therefore, the remainder of 2024 and 2025 will be critical for Russell. He must prove himself, regardless of his teammate.

If the choice falls on a young talent like Andrea Kimi Antonelli, the expectation naturally arises that Russell will outperform him based on experience and knowledge.

And if it’s Verstappen, Alonso, or Sainz, he could lose his status as Mercedes’ gem if he’s not fast enough. It’s do or die for the Brit.

Russell Mercedes Leadership Challenge. Russell Mercedes Leadership Challenge


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