Gunther Steiner New F1 Role an expert consultant for RTL

Steiner’s New F1 Role Amid Controversy in 2024


Gunther Steiner, the former Haas F1 team principal, embarks on a fresh journey in 2024 as an expert consultant for RTL, despite past media tensions.

Dismissed from his position as team principal of Haas F1 during the winter, the popular and charismatic 58-year-old has accepted a job in the paddock as an expert consultant for the German TV channel RTL.

This comes despite having strained relations with the German media, especially the pay-TV channel Sky, which had strongly criticized Steiner for ousting Mick Schumacher.

Therefore, it was crucial to ease the atmosphere for his debut as a consultant!

“People need to understand the situation I was in,” Steiner explained to Sky Germany viewers in Bahrain.

“These are things that are better explained when you’re no longer involved, when you can speak openly. But personally, I never had a problem with Mick.”

He explained that he simply had to act, given Schumacher’s performance difficulties.

“It was about the circumstances, where we were as a team, the performance, and what happened. But I have no fear of talking to anyone about what happened.”

As for Steiner’s new job? It’s a role similar to the one he will have with RTL – for the French channel Canal+. He will be present at “several races” during the season. In Bahrain, he came on air for a few minutes alongside his former driver, Romain Grosjean.

Steiner New F1 Role. Steiner New F1 Role


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