Silverstone Prices Defended by F1 Drivers, Fans Questioned

F1 Drivers Back Silverstone Prices, Eye Fan Viability


F1 drivers support Silverstone’s high prices, yet they remain concerned about the affordability and viability for fans.

The debate has recently raged around the Silverstone circuit, which complained of not having sold all its tickets just days before the festivities. Asked about this in a press conference, F1 drivers shared their opinions, and George Russell believes the pricing is justifiable, even though it is very high.

“I think our sport is in very good health. Silverstone is not supported by any government, unlike many other races. So I don’t know if Silverstone is profitable. I think Silverstone, as an event, surpasses all other races on the calendar.”

“There are renowned artists performing on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night. They need to be paid. They need to be funded. The atmosphere this weekend is more like a festival than a race. And if you compare the price of a ticket for a 90-minute football match to that of a four-day event, it would be interesting to see what that yields.”

“But of course, we never want it to be too expensive for fans to become spectators and support us. It’s a very difficult question, but as I said, I think Silverstone is doing an incredibly good job and they have not always been profitable in the past.”

Lando Norris thinks it’s not up to the teams, but indeed questions it for English F1 fans: “There’s not much to add. George has put it very well. I think it’s impossible to involve the teams in what Silverstone does as a circuit.”

“But it’s a pity because, as George said, it’s one of the best, if not the best race of the whole season from the fans’ perspective and also from the drivers’ perspective. So that’s unfortunate. But yes, that’s the question for Formula 1 and for Silverstone as a circuit, not so much for the teams themselves.”

Hamilton questions the funding of the GP

Lewis Hamilton agrees with his compatriots and commends the modernisation efforts of the circuit and the Grand Prix. He questions the relevance of the circuit’s funding under the current model: “I think what George and Lando said is accurate. Ultimately, it’s an extraordinary sporting event.”

“I think Silverstone and the BRDC have done a remarkable job over the years in making the weekend well-filled and entertaining. Naturally, in the current global situation, prices continue to rise, and this is obviously not something fans want to see.”

“But Silverstone is not government-funded, and it might be necessary to look at a new business plan, perhaps involving external investors. I don’t know. It’s not my job, obviously. But yes, there’s not much more to add to that.”

Pressed by his teammate Russell about the possibility of “investing” in the British Formula 1 race, Hamilton was cautious: “It’s just become profitable, so it’s not the best investment for me.”

Silverstone Prices Defended by F1 Drivers, Fans Questioned

Silverstone Prices Defended by F1 Drivers, Fans Questioned. Silverstone Prices Defended by F1 Drivers, Fans Questioned


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