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Sargeant’s Suzuka Error: No Tie to Melbourne Woe


In a rain-soaked Suzuka, Williams F1 faced adversity with Albon’s lone battle and Sargeant’s mishap, underscoring a day of trials and determination.

Williams F1 experienced a challenging day at Suzuka, marred by another crash from Logan Sargeant. Consequently, Alex Albon was left to represent the team alone in a rain-affected second session, with the Thai driver acknowledging his limited insight into the car’s performance level.

“It’s hard to gauge where we stand with so few laps,” admitted Albon. “We had hoped for more running in FP2 as we weren’t feeling too comfortable with the car after the first session.”

“We tried making some adjustments to better the situation, but with a limited number of laps, our data to lean on is sparse. I’m hopeful our setup will serve us well in FP3, allowing us to glean more about the car before qualifying.”

Logan Sargeant further complicated the team’s predicament by veering off track during FP1. The American driver insists his mistake wasn’t due to a lack of confidence stemming from a previous decision against him in Melbourne, attributing it to a lapse in attention that, fortunately, didn’t damage his chassis.

“I put the car somewhere without realizing my position, a foolish mistake I shouldn’t make, especially in FP1. Thankfully, it wasn’t as severe as last year’s error where I was overly aggressive. It didn’t help the team with any damages, but it’s better than it could have been,” Sargeant stated.

“No, it hasn’t vanished. I arrived at this round after a week’s break, fresher than ever, and ready to go. My confidence isn’t shaken; I’ll be hard on myself after today, but it’s unrelated. It’s a visual error I’ll try to forget by tomorrow.”

Williams is grappling with “a system overload.”

Indeed, Williams still lacks a third spare chassis, and Director James Vowles acknowledges that patience and caution are necessary at Grove: “I believe the third chassis won’t be available until Miami, which is some time away.”

“Regarding the chassis, dedicating all your resources, everything available within the organization, it takes eight to ten weeks to procure a chassis. That’s until the third one.”

“It takes longer for the initial ones as you get accustomed to the process. Clearly, the entire organization isn’t solely focused on this project. We’re concurrently working on spare parts and developments, aiming to increase throughput.”

“At this stage, the organization faces an immense workload. Specifically, it’s evident we didn’t plan to be here without three chassis. The intention was to have three from the start of the year.”

“It’s the consequence of a system overload, the complexity of this car, and the volume of work we’ve attempted to tackle. But in terms of complexity, it’s significant. I mean, the chassis consists of thousands and thousands of parts you’re trying to assemble simultaneously.”

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Sargeant’s Suzuka Error: No Tie to Melbourne Woe. Sargeant’s Suzuka Error: No Tie to Melbourne Woe

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