Russell Hails Surprising Start Eyes Japan GP Qualifying

Russell Hails Surprising Start, Eyes Japan GP Qualifying


Amidst unexpected progress and challenging weather, George Russell lauds Mercedes’ performance and anticipates an intriguing qualifying session in Japan.

George Russell believes Mercedes F1 had a better start to the weekend in Japan than expected. The team appeared to match Ferrari and McLaren’s pace in FP1, and FP2 was challenging to interpret due to rain and limited running.

“We exceeded our expectations in FP1. It was a pleasant surprise, and the car was really enjoyable to drive. Lewis and I were happy with the overall balance. The W15 has always performed better in cooler conditions, so caution is advised,” Russell stated.

“Our goal today was to conduct various tests and experiments to make the car more consistent under changing conditions. Time will tell if these measures had the desired impact, and it was frustrating not to be able to assess them further in the afternoon.”

“It’s truly unfortunate for those here and watching at home that we couldn’t do much in FP2. I hope we can find a solution to these moments and conditions. It’s not the first time this has happened, and it won’t be the last.”

“Qualifying tomorrow will be interesting as it’s clear that it’s a tyre that can only last one fast lap. Most drivers have only three or four sets of soft tyres, so you’ll need to make each lap count.”

Lewis Hamilton is also very optimistic after a promising start to the weekend: “FP1 was an excellent session for us. It was the best session we’ve had so far this year and the best the car has felt.”

“I was feeling very positive and looking forward to FP2 because it’s a track all the drivers love. So, it was a shame not to get much running in. Over the last two years here, we’ve struggled with a car that had inconsistent balance and was difficult to drive.”

“The team has done a lot of good work since Australia, and we seem to have started on the right foot today. The car was definitely more pleasant. We have a better starting base this weekend, and I don’t plan to change it much. I hope we can build on this foundation.”

Russell Hails Surprising Start Eyes Japan GP Qualifying

Russell Hails Surprising Start, Eyes Japan GP Qualifying. Russell Hails Surprising Start, Eyes Japan GP Qualifying

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