Sainz No Grudge on Hamilton's Ferrari Seat Move

Sainz No Grudge on Hamilton’s Ferrari Seat Move


Carlos Sainz expresses no bitterness towards Lewis Hamilton for taking his Ferrari seat, respecting the decision in F1’s dynamic landscape.

Sainz holds no grudge against Hamilton for taking his seat. Fred Vasseur made a decisive choice when it came to securing a spot for Lewis Hamilton at Ferrari, and it was Carlos Sainz who suffered the consequences.

Indeed, Charles Leclerc disclosed that he was aware before signing his own contract extension, thus Vasseur opted to let go of the Spaniard, admittedly less tied to Scuderia than the Monegasque, who had been involved since 2016 through Ferrari’s Driver Academy.

Sainz Respects Hamilton’s Ferrari Move

When asked during the launch of the SF-24 yesterday if he harbored any resentment towards his replacement for 2025, Sainz replied: “No, not at all. I have total respect for Lewis and his decision.”

“On the contrary, I might have come here even earlier because I love Ferrari and I think it’s the perfect place to spend part of your career. I’ve always wanted to be a Ferrari driver and I had a four-year stint that I love.”

“I’ve also been on the other side of things when I arrived here at Ferrari in place of Sebastian Vettel and among drivers, among all of us, we know it’s a business and we find ourselves in different teams.”

“Sometimes it’s your turn to move, other times you’re the newcomer, and I’m mature enough, I’ve been in this business long enough, to understand how it works.”

Sainz, now seeking his fifth different team for what will be his 10th year in F1, added: “When a seven-time world champion comes knocking at a team like Ferrari, it’s obviously a very attractive option for both parties.”

“I know I’ve given my all for this team, I will continue to do so, and there are many good options out there for continuing my career.”

Sainz No Grudge on Hamilton’s Ferrari Seat Move. Sainz No Grudge on Hamilton’s Ferrari Seat Move


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