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Sainz Holds No Grudge Against Hamilton


Carlos Sainz expresses no hard feelings towards Lewis Hamilton for replacing him at Ferrari next year, focusing on his own future in F1.

Carlos Sainz has insisted that he harbors no hard feelings towards Lewis Hamilton after the seven-time world champion made the decision to join Ferrari.

Hamilton will replace Sainz at Scuderia next year, thereby ending his long-standing association with Mercedes to partner with Charles Leclerc, who inked a multi-year contract extension a week prior to Hamilton’s announcement.

Title: Sainz Eyes Future Beyond Ferrari Move

Sainz is now compelled to seek a new team in F1 and has been linked with several outfits for 2025, including Mercedes F1, Red Bull, and Stake, which will become Audi F1 in two years.

“Well, from my end, obviously, there’s no resentment towards anyone; that’s just how the sport works. That’s what I had said during the tests when I was asked about it, and my stance hasn’t changed.”

“I have a lot of respect for Lewis, his achievements, and his decision to join Ferrari. I would have made the same decision in his shoes.”

“I believe Ferrari is a great team, and at some point towards the latter half of your career, or towards the end—I’m not sure where he’s at right now, he knows better than me—but for sure, it’s a team you would want to join.”

“I perfectly understand that especially if there’s someone like Fred [Vasseur] whom he knows well, has a good relationship with, and trusts, it’s a no-brainer to go to Ferrari.”

“On my part, as I’ve said, I hold no grudges and am focusing on my future, on where I’ll go next. Meanwhile, I’ll continue to give my best for this team.”

Alongside him, in a press conference, Hamilton said: “I echo what Carlos said in that I think the most important thing is that we have, I believe, a very good relationship.”

Title: Drivers Grow Closer, Respect Deepens

“This is something that we, as drivers, have improved over the past few years. There’s a lot of respect among us, and I have a lot of respect for Carlos. I don’t feel there’s any animosity or anything like that.”

“He’s done an incredible job. He’s obviously come a long way since he started in the sport to the results he’s achieving now and the way he approaches things. He has become a very strong voice within the drivers’ association (GPDA) that we have and has really contributed to the decisions we make in the sport.”

“He has clearly done an excellent job within his team, so it’s not personal, it’s just what happens in this racing world, and I hope nothing will change between us. I don’t think it will.”

Sainz, for his part, is still uncertain about his future destination but plans to take his time making a decision. Are Mercedes F1, Red Bull, Audi F1 (initially Stake) potential options?

“Everything’s an option at this stage! I don’t know where I’m going, and I don’t know what will be my best option. What I do know is that I’m going to obviously maximize my last year at Ferrari. I really want to have a good final year with this amazing team and give my best to everyone in Maranello.”

“But as for my future, the situation has changed a lot over the winter, and now I’ll need to take my time to decide where I’m going. We’ll obviously discuss all available options and see which project is the best for me and my career in the medium or long term, and which project gives me the chance to become a world champion. After all, that’s my dream and what I want to achieve as soon as possible.”

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