Sainz Ferrari Contract Talks F1 2024

Carlos Sainz’s Ferrari Talks Continue Amid Changes


Carlos Sainz‘s father has stated that the ongoing negotiations between the Ferrari driver and the Maranello team are set to continue. This comes despite a concerning development at the start of 2024: the transfer of Sainz’s personal sponsor, Estrella Galicia, a Spanish beer brand, from Ferrari to McLaren.

However, Spanish sources insist that the brand is leaving Ferrari only because the Italian Formula 1 team is signing a new sponsorship deal with Peroni, another beer brand.

Sainz is currently in talks with Ferrari about his F1 contract expiring at the end of 2024, with the Spaniard pushing for a new agreement before the season starts.

“At the Scuderia, they have let us know they are happy with Carlos – at least that’s what they told us,” says Carlos Sainz senior from the Dakar Rally.

“I guess now, at the start of the year, he will continue the ongoing renewal process. Let’s see what news comes out of it.”

Ferrari Likely to Re-Sign Sainz

It’s highly likely that Ferrari will not only re-sign Sainz for 2025 and beyond but also retain Charles Leclerc on a new, long, and lucrative contract.

“Sainz is undoubtedly a great driver,” comments Dr. Helmut Marko of Red Bull, who brought Sainz into Formula 1 alongside Max Verstappen.

“I don’t see why Ferrari would look elsewhere. He was almost on par with Max at Toro Rosso. But the atmosphere between the two was quite toxic, so I didn’t see a way to keep him with us.”

Marko also believes that Sainz has managed to shake off his earlier image of a privileged driver.

“He was unfairly tagged as a daddy’s boy of a racing driver, whereas in contrast, Sainz has constantly had to fight to move forward. But when we had to choose between Max and Carlos, what we had to do was clear.”

Sainz Ferrari Contract Talks f1 2024. Sainz Ferrari Contract Talks f1 2024.

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