Sainz Audi F1 Challenge

Eddie Jordan: Sainz’s Audi F1 Move Won’t Guarantee Wins


Eddie Jordan cautions Carlos Sainz against expecting quick wins with Audi F1 in 2026, highlighting the formidable challenge ahead in the competitive world of Formula 1 racing.

Jordan believes Carlos Sainz should not expect immediate victories if he joins Audi F1 for 2026. The Irishman, speaking with David Coulthard, emphasized that being a major manufacturer doesn’t negate the massive challenge Formula 1 presents, and despite a solid plan, they will face the motorsport elite.

“Everyone thought Toyota, with all their money, expertise, and capabilities, especially after Honda’s withdrawal, had a clear path,” Jordan stated on the Formula for Success podcast. “They were shockingly, miserably bad. Toyota’s Formula 1 effort was truly poor.”

“They managed to pull out and haven’t returned. The same could be said for BMW. I mean, [Robert] Kubica won a race, and the quality of their engine, to me, is the world’s best in road cars.”

“Those engines are incredible. But I would have expected BMW and Toyota to come in strong. So, one might assume Audi will return simply because of their multiple Le Mans wins and success in other series.”

“I know Allan McNish, one of your very close friends, we both like Allan a lot and wish him all the best in whatever he does. He’s so smart he’ll ensure he has the right people around him.”

“But regardless of what people say, it’s a five-year plan to bring Audi closer to victory, and I don’t care which driver they have in that plan. But there’s a huge learning curve. I learned that, realized how difficult it was, and I think Audi, despite all their money, have a tough battle ahead.”

Why things will be “very difficult”

Jordan reminds Coulthard that Red Bull didn’t start in the same way, taking over a team with resources, albeit misused, and experience from the people present. Whether Audi can do the same, or even quicker, remains an open question, according to the Irishman.

“Red Bull, let’s not forget, had people like you to help them. They took over, if you will, the coals, the fire, or the embryo of Jaguar, which wasn’t a bad team, but a strong team.”

“That’s why, even though it took them five years, and you know how much money Dietrich Mateschitz has put into this program, he hired the best people. Can Audi come and beat McLaren, even Aston Martin, or Ferrari? Or anyone else? It will be an intense struggle.”

“It’s not that easy. I think there are only six teams in the last 30 years that have won multiple Grands Prix, making things very difficult. I simply think new teams trying to compete with existing teams have a tough job ahead.”

Sainz Audi F1 Challenge. Sainz Audi F1 Challenge

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