Sainz Appendectomy Recovery Update

Sainz’s Appendectomy Update: Swift Recovery Hopes


Carlos Sainz updates from hospital after his appendectomy in Saudi Arabia, sharing a positive outlook and thanking supporters while focusing on a quick return.

Feeling unwell on Wednesday, Sainz missed the media day but returned to drive in Free Practice 1 and 2.

However, on Friday morning, he withdrew following a diagnosis of appendicitis, being replaced by Oliver Bearman, who qualified 11th while his teammate Charles Leclerc secured the second spot behind Max Verstappen.

The Spanish driver took to social media to update and extend his well-wishes to Leclerc and Bearman for the race.

“I’ve had a successful operation and am feeling much better! Thank you for all your kind messages and to everyone who has looked after me these past few days here in Saudi Arabia, especially at the King Fahad Armed Forces Hospital. Kudos to Ollie Bearman for his hasty debut (not easy at all) and Lord Perceval (aka Charles Leclerc). Best of luck to Ferrari for the race!”

However, it’s highly likely that Saudi Arabia will be a one-off replacement race for Bearman.

Dr. Riccardo Ceccarelli, founder of F1 Formula Medicine, believes that Sainz’s chances of recovering in time for Melbourne are good.

“If there are no complications, a driver can race 10 days post-operation. It would be different for a football player, as they have more abdominal pressure, but drivers sit and don’t have as much pressure in that area.”

Ceccarelli noted that an appendectomy is also a “very quick operation” nowadays, requiring only the creation of “a few small holes and a few days in the hospital.”

“The Ferrari doctor identified the problem quickly, and everything was handled correctly.”

Sainz Appendectomy Recovery Update. Sainz Appendectomy Recovery Update


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