Ricciardo to Get New Chassis for China GP

Ricciardo to Get New Chassis for China GP


In a pivotal move, Daniel Ricciardo will soon upgrade to a new chassis, aiming to dispel doubts and improve his current season’s performance against Yuki Tsunoda.

Daniel Ricciardo will receive a new chassis “as soon as possible,” typically by the next Grand Prix in China, to eliminate any concerns regarding a problem with his current F1 car.

The Australian, who has struggled this year against Yuki Tsunoda, admits to having requested a new chassis promptly.

“There was a conversation, I definitely brought up the chassis issue to understand.”

“Just to be sure again… there was a slight difference in the past. You know, obviously, I’ve been driving in F1 for quite some time now, but you can notice a few differences. So, it’s definitely something I mentioned if I continue to struggle.”

“Before telling myself ‘I’m terrible,’ let’s sort this out and remove this potential issue.”

Alan Permane, Sporting Director of RB F1, confirms the change will happen soon.

“Unless there’s a logistical issue, Daniel will have this new chassis in China (for the next race). We were anyway getting a new one, and it makes sense at every level to give it to Daniel, especially since Yuki is very happy and comfortable with what he has.”

“For Daniel, it might be good to end this chapter and see that there’s no issue with the car.”

However, Permane doubts that this is the root of Ricciardo’s problems.

“It’s not really a component that makes a difference in terms of performance. It’s where the front suspension and engine are mounted, and the rigidity is controlled on a test rig. But let’s see.”

Ricciardo to Get New Chassis for China GP

Ricciardo to Get New Chassis for China GP. Ricciardo to Get New Chassis for China GP

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