Ricciardo Denies F1 Career Twilight Rumors

Ricciardo Denies F1 Career Twilight Rumors


Amid speculation about his F1 future, Daniel Ricciardo confidently dismisses claims of his career’s decline, ready to prove his enduring prowess on the track.

Daniel Ricciardo has swiftly aimed to quell rumors regarding the twilight of his Formula 1 career.

This week, his fellow Australian and 1980 World Champion, Alan Jones, suggested that Ricciardo, aged 34, has seen the best days of his sport and must now prove himself again to secure his seat for 2025.

When asked about Jones’ comments and whether he felt he had something to prove, Ricciardo, while retrieving his luggage at Melbourne airport, stated, “Not at all. See you soon!”

The RB F1 driver, whose career was revitalized by Red Bull last year following his departure from McLaren, then walked away, remarking, “I’m here for a long stay!”

Before this, Ricciardo defended his “slow start” to the 2024 season.

“The year has begun steadily, but I admit it’s been a slow start. However, it’s only been two races. Hopefully, the season takes off on the right foot in Melbourne.”

Amid perceptions that he’s more of a smiling personality than a serious racer, he’s taken a new approach since his 2023 comeback.

“I wanted to recapture that feeling, to bring out my old self. Racing and training are my priorities right now, and everything else comes second.”

Laurent Mekies is convinced they’ve found “the right Ricciardo”

Interestingly, despite media and potential successor Liam Lawson putting pressure on Ricciardo this week, RB team boss Laurent Mekies seems pleased with Ricciardo.

“When I joined the team, I revisited Daniel and have now spent my first days racing with him. And in him, you see a race winner. That’s what you see; you feel you have in the car a guy who is looking to make great races, podiums.”

“So, the Daniel you see in the car is the Daniel who was fighting for the top spots. I’m fortunate to have, in our team right now, a guy who knows how to win races.”

“So, I guess the Daniel we have now is the best Daniel we’ve seen. Of course, he’s been through tough times in recent years.”

“But, ironically, this probably puts him in the best mindset, with the best energy now. He has this incredible technical sensitivity; he’s committed to the project. He’s living the RB F1 project with us, proud of the colors. He’s pushing us with all the positivity we all know about him.”

“So, I think at the start of a project like this, having a guy like Daniel with us driving the car, it just changes the game.”

When asked if he understood the conditions that led to Ricciardo’s decline at McLaren and the ongoing efforts to recover, Mekies said, “It’s very hard from the outside to understand, as it was probably hard for people at McLaren as well. So I’m not going to question that, there won’t be answers.”

“But I’d be lying if I said it doesn’t increase the level of attention we’re giving to ensure we have the right conditions around him. So, we’re very cautious with him.”

“He’s part of this process, leading it by ensuring we place him in the right spot – 360 degrees on what’s needed in the car, outside the car, and how we manage his energy.”

Ricciardo Denies F1 Career Twilight Rumors. Ricciardo Denies F1 Career Twilight Rumors


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