Haas F1's Tire Woes Ebb as VF-24 Shows Promise

Haas F1’s Tire Woes Ebb as VF-24 Shows Promise


Haas F1 finds renewed hope as the VF-24 combats tire issues, marking a pivotal moment at Jeddah ahead of the Australian GP.

Smiles are gradually returning to Haas F1 as the VF-24 appears to have addressed a significant portion of the tire degradation issues during races, though this remains to be confirmed across various circuits.

And the American team has become the first outside this season’s clear top 5 to score a point, doing so in the recent race at Jeddah.

This sets the stage for a more optimistic approach to Melbourne and this weekend’s Australian Grand Prix.

“We’re pleased to have scored our first point of the season in Saudi Arabia,” shares Nico Hülkenberg.

“Everyone could see the effort required for teams in the pack to fight for a top 10 finish, and teamwork was definitely key.”

“Now, I’m looking forward to Melbourne, holding many positive memories of Albert Park and its unique atmosphere. Of course, it will be a tight battle for every position once again.”

Kevin Magnussen emphasizes that “Saudi Arabia was another positive weekend, even if, on paper, the Jeddah circuit was probably not the best fit for us with its high-speed characteristics.”

“We were still relatively competitive, especially in the race, I had a very good pace towards the end compared to others, which is our goal for this season.”

“We have not yet concluded that we’ve resolved last year’s issues, we need a few more races, but it’s another positive sign that we’ve made progress. We scored a point with Nico, so I’m eager to push hard for more.”

“Returning to Melbourne is always special, holding unique memories of my first Formula 1 race. Coming back, you always remember it being the season’s first race for so many years, which feels special.”

“It’s also a nice track, always a high-speed circuit, and that’s even truer with the recent changes, but there are also slow-speed turns, so I’m excited to see how we perform there. I hope we can be competitive on race day and aim for more points.”

Haas F1’s Tire Woes Ebb as VF-24 Shows Promise. Haas F1’s Tire Woes Ebb as VF-24 Shows Promise


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