Red Bull Strife May Boost Ferrari's 2024 Title Bid

Red Bull Strife May Boost Ferrari’s 2024 Title Bid


Amidst Red Bull’s internal conflicts, René Arnoux eyes a potent chance for Ferrari to vie for the 2024 world championships.

This perspective comes from René Arnoux, who raced for the legendary team based in Maranello during the 80s.

The 75-year-old Frenchman believes Ferrari has had a strong start to the season.

“They are much closer to Red Bull,” he told La Gazzetta dello Sport. “Not quite at Red Bull’s level, but almost.”

“However, it’s also true that Red Bull has only one car at the front, as Sergio Perez is the number two, sometimes even number three! He often disappears into the pack.”

In Melbourne, Max Verstappen experienced his first technical failure in two full years: a stuck rear brake. Arnoux thinks that the Red Bull team could have been disturbed by off-track turmoil involving Christian Horner and a power struggle within the group’s leadership.

“I support Ferrari,” Arnoux admits, “but above all, I hope that the chaos and scheming at Red Bull are over, because I want to see a real duel.”

“I don’t want Ferrari to win because of things like that. On the other hand, I hope they can at least fight for the constructors’ title, also because Perez is not performing at a very high level.”

“In fact, I think if Ferrari doesn’t have major problems this season, they almost have better chances now than Red Bull.”

But even the drivers’ title may not be out of reach, insists Arnoux – and a big part of this turnaround could be due to his compatriot Frédéric Vasseur now being at the helm.

“If Sainz continues like this, I think he could soon achieve more victories, and if he gets more victories, I don’t see why he shouldn’t aim for the championship.”

Regarding Vasseur, Arnoux was asked whether a prerequisite for Ferrari’s success in the modern era was having a Frenchman in charge – like one of Vasseur’s predecessors, Jean Todt.

“I don’t know if that’s true, but it’s a tradition I like. I was very fortunate in my career not to have driven for an English team. Of course, I’m joking.”

“In a short time, Fred has made optimal use of the existing regulations. He has shown that he values his staff and can strengthen it. Slowly but surely, he is gaining tenths on the track.”

“Above all, I see him solving a good number of the problems he has encountered so far.”

Red Bull Strife May Boost Ferrari’s 2024 Title Bid. Red Bull Strife May Boost Ferrari’s 2024 Title Bid


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