Red Bull Rift Horner and Verstappen Clash

Verstappen Backs Dad Amid Red Bull Tensions


Amid growing tensions at Red Bull, Max Verstappen stands by his father as conflicts with Christian Horner escalate.

Max Verstappen is displeased with the situation that has unfolded at Red Bull Racing.

Jos Verstappen and Christian Horner have disagreed, leading to an intense war of words yesterday, and according to Max, this could have been avoided.

“Well, of course, it’s not pleasant. I don’t think it’s good for me, nor for my father, nor for Christian, nor for the team. Of course, we don’t want these things to happen. My father has been very clear about the reason behind all this. And of course, I can understand his opinion on this,” Verstappen said during the press conference after the Sprint.

Max is referring to the fact that his boss blocked his father from driving during the Legends Parade (with a former Red Bull). At worst, Horner did not want Jos Verstappen to be filmed and appear on the giant screens!

Max Verstappen adds about this dispute: “He is asked to drive the car and then he finds out he was not asked to drive the car.”

“In fact, my father does not care about driving the car, but he was asked and was told: ‘Please do it for the fans, the Dutch fans, bla, bla, bla. Red Bull will be happy, we have an excellent relationship with our circuit,’ etc.”

“So, I understand his anger. On the other hand, I am here, of course, to focus on the performance aspect of things.”

“But I want to have good relationships with everyone. This scenario could have been avoided.”

Sources have confirmed that Red Bull would block the release of photos and videos of the demonstration, but not the demonstration itself, leading Jos Verstappen to opt out of the Parade.

Max Verstappen clearly chooses to support his father in this story.

On his part, Jos Verstappen reaffirmed today at the Red Bull Ring that the Mercedes F1 track was “well considered” for Max. Dr. Helmut Marko, who supports the Verstappen clan but not Horner, did not deny these new maneuvers behind the scenes.

Sabotage threats also!

Jos Verstappen also affirmed today that Horner had given him a warning if he participated in the Parade.

“From what I’ve heard, he did everything he could to stop me. And I should just be careful if this F1 should brake properly. I think it’s quite serious to say things like that.”

The feud between Verstappen and Horner began earlier this year when the Red Bull boss was under investigation for alleged inappropriate behavior. He was later cleared.

Verstappen does not know how Horner can create a positive atmosphere within the Red Bull team.

“For someone who runs the team and wants to create peace within the team, I find this very punitive. How should I deal with this when you hear threats of sabotage? It brings nothing positive to him.”

Max’s father emphasized that “my son is not involved in this matter.”

“He was sitting there when I was told all this and he shook his head.”

“It’s a bit sad, but on the other hand, we will forget about this, move on, and it will be about what is best for Max. I hope they will build a car for him that will win for a long time.”

“So Max will be fine, and I will do everything to keep him healthy and doing well. But as soon as that is no longer the case, I will know what will happen.”

Red Bull Rift Horner and Verstappen Clash

Red Bull Rift: Horner and Verstappen Clash. Red Bull Rift: Horner and Verstappen Clash


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