Red Bull Ready for Life Post-Newey Pierre Waché assures

Red Bull Ready for Life Post-Newey


Pierre Waché assures that Red Bull is prepared for Adrian Newey’s departure, emphasizing the team’s readiness to adapt and continue their success.

How much will Adrian Newey’s departure impact Red Bull in the coming years? This is the question the entire Formula 1 paddock has been asking since it was revealed that the British engineer is set to join a new team ahead of the 2026 regulations.

What influence will this have on daily operations at Red Bull? In Imola, Technical Director Pierre Waché was invited to address this very question.

“I think everyone in this business knows that Adrian is a key figure and perhaps the most accomplished engineer in F1. I believe it will have a significant impact on us, but the team was prepared. It’s not like we expected to have him for another 20 years. We had to make sure we were ready for this eventuality.”

“It’s his experience that we will miss the most, of course. He clearly leaves no stone unturned. He has a racer’s mentality. It’s very, very enjoyable to discuss this aspect with him.”

“The future will tell how much we’ll miss him. After all, we are in a competitive environment. Other teams are working hard to catch up to us, and we are working hard to stay ahead. Now, the team must do it, and anyway, it’s a team effort that delivered this car. It’s not the result of one person’s labor. But we were prepared for this, that’s for sure. And I think that’s something we have to prove throughout this year and next.”

Waché also discusses how he personally worked with Newey over the years.

“The way we work together changes over the years, as it depends on his involvement in Formula 1 and various projects. The team adapts based on his engagement with different projects. What we try to do is ensure we exchange ideas on the direction we are taking with the car. I’m not sure I can explain how we work together daily, but he is clearly more focused on aerodynamics, while I am more inclined towards vehicle dynamics, as that’s my area of expertise.”

“We have certainly discussed how the interaction between the specialists in aerodynamics and vehicle dynamics should work. This collaboration was crucial, and he was a significant figure in the team. We exchanged a lot, especially in terms of development direction and how we manage race weekends.”

“Everyone has an impact in a team. The higher your position, as the person who sets the direction, the greater your impact. However, the main task is to create a harmonious collaboration between different departments and ensure the direction is clear. If you maintain this aspect, I think you are on the right track. The key is being confident that the direction is correct.”

Red Bull Ready for Life Post-Newey Pierre Waché assures

Red Bull Ready for Life Post-Newey. Red Bull Ready for Life Post-Newey

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