Red Bull Racing Rivals How to Stay Ahead

Red Bull Braces for Fierce Rivals in 2024 F1 Race


Christian Horner, Red Bull Racing’s team principal, anticipates heightened competition in 2024’s Formula 1 season. With formidable opponents like Mercedes and McLaren, Red Bull faces a challenging defense of their title.

Horner expects Red Bull Racing to face much more competition in 2024. The team principal of Red Bull Racing believes that the past season will go down in history as a unique year and won’t be repeated by the Austrian outfit.

The Brit is aware of several formidable opponents. Horner sees ample potential in Mercedes, McLaren, Ferrari, and Aston Martin.

In a month, the testing days in Bahrain are scheduled, and it will become clear whether one of the competitors has managed to make a move towards Red Bull. After last season’s testing days, the Austrian team was touted as the favorite, a role they lived up to.

Red Bull only failed to win the Singapore Grand Prix. Naturally, the other teams hope to prevent another dominant season, but no one at Red Bull is resting on their laurels.

“All areas of the car have been re-examined because we cannot afford complacency,” Horner is quoted by Speedcafe. The Red Bull team boss doesn’t expect to repeat the 2023 season. Especially since other teams have been taking cues from the Milton Keynes-based team.

“It will surely go down as a unique year for us. I expect all cars will increasingly resemble the RB19, as that’s simply inevitable.”

Horner names Red Bull’s opponents in 2024

Last year, Red Bull’s rivals mainly took points from each other. As a result, the fight for second and fourth place in the championship remained exciting until the last day.

Horner has high expectations for Mercedes. “They’ve obviously had a tough time, but they have great drivers, and you would think they’ll get everything sorted out at some point. McLaren had a great end to the year, and Ferrari shows flashes of potential.”

Last year, Aston Martin also competed for podium places, primarily at the season’s start. However, Horner doesn’t want to rule out the British team.

“They made a huge leap at the start of the year, but they really fell back in the second half. I’m sure they’re trying to understand why that happened. But they have good facilities, resources, and they’ve attracted a lot of talent to that team, and Fernando (Alonso, ed.) was brilliant. He drove fantastically,” concludes the Red Bull team boss.

Red Bull Racing Rivals: How to Stay Ahead? F1 2024. Red Bull Racing Rivals: How to Stay Ahead? F1 2024

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