Red Bull F1 Strategy 2026

“Last Major Gamble Before 2026 Shift” Reveals Red Bull


Red Bull’s drastic change in their F1 car design for 2024, diverging from last year’s dominant model, highlights a bold strategic pivot.

Red Bull raised eyebrows this winter by unveiling a car markedly different from its predecessor, which dominated 21 of the 22 races in the 2023 season. Paul Monaghan, the team’s chief engineer, shed light on the rationale behind this decision.

“Opting for significant changes to the car opens up more possibilities,” Monaghan observed. “That’s a key reason for our decision to implement substantial modifications. It’s likely our last major gamble, as by 2025, our focus must shift to the 2026 car.”

He acknowledges the challenge of introducing anything radical next year: “You’ll quickly see, in terms of aerodynamic research, if we hit certain limits. That’s when we need to consider if it’s possible to think differently and what needs to change.”

“Should we alter something for next year that would unlock a promising but currently unfeasible geometry for this year’s car? You’re probably going to start seeing that now.”

“The question is whether a major change for next year is feasible, realistic, financially viable, and whether we have the resources to pursue it. That’s what we’re going to find out.”

The RB20 represents an evolution from the 2023 F1 car

With a significantly modified vehicle, the potential for performance gains this year is greater without the need for a new concept in 2025: “For now, the opportunities for gains are still there.”

“In terms of magnitude, we can find gains similar to last year’s. I think they might diminish slightly towards the end of the year, but we have brilliantly creative people, and if they find them, we’ll seize them. It’s as simple as that.”

However, Monaghan refutes the idea that the RB20 is revolutionary: “The extent of the evolution, visually speaking, doesn’t necessarily reflect what we’ve achieved in lap time. Stability is key.”

“Having a car that performs well in one aspect of the track but not in others is not ideal. In my view, we had a very good car last year, and deviating from that to take greater risks seems unwise.”

“It’s an evolution of what we had last year, and if we invest enough energy to stay ahead of our competitors, then it’s the right move to make.”

Red Bull F1 Strategy 2026 Red Bull F1 Strategy 2026


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