RB Team Naming Controversy

Visa Cash App RB: The Name Evolution


Amidst controversy, CEO Peter Bayer embraces ‘RB F1’ for simplicity, despite the grand ambitions behind the team’s rebranding.

It is permissible for fans and the media to refer to the former AlphaTauri team simply as “RB F1,” according to CEO Peter Bayer.

At RB, the ambitions are high, hence the drive to secure lucrative official naming deals with Visa and Cash App. The new name, which Bayer acknowledges as “too long to pronounce,” has been highly controversial since its unveiling.

“It’s our favorite topic now,” Bayer laughed when asked about the name controversy.

“We’ve faced this luxury problem because Visa, Cash App, and Red Bull all supported us, helping us ascend to the next level. That’s the reason for this Visa Cash App RB name.”

Many F1 commentators and journalists were unsure of what to call the team during the Bahrain tests – some sticking with AlphaTauri, others recalling Toro Rosso, and yet others adopting the company’s (not the team’s) name “Racing Bulls.”

“Looking back, the Racing Bulls are part of Red Bull’s philosophy along with the Flying Bulls, with Mr. Dietrich Mateschitz and his planes.”

“So, it made sense, and Racing Bulls is the name of our company in Italy. But when you talk about the Visa Cash App Racing Bulls Formula 1 team, you’d soon get tired of writing that in every article.”

“That’s why we shortened Racing Bulls to RB. We are realistic enough not to expect the media to consistently use Visa Cash App RB.”

“So, RB or RB F1 is fine by us!”

The debate is thus settled for RB F1 or Racing Bulls, with both names able to coexist. However, it’s a different story for Stake F1 Team, which some still call Sauber or Kick Sauber. No consensus has emerged in the written or broadcast media after the tests and the first race.

RB Team Naming Controversy. RB Team Naming Controversy


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