Prost Verstappen s Drive Character Unwavering

Prost: Verstappen’s Drive & Character Unwavering


Despite internal strife at Red Bull, Max Verstappen remains a dominant force in F1, poised to match Prost’s record.

Max Verstappen can navigate, despite troubled waters at Red Bull, at the top of Formula 1 for a long time to come, according to Alain Prost.

The Dutchman has already shown in Bahrain that he is in as good shape and superior to his teammate as in 2023, which could well lead him to equal Prost’s total of four F1 World Championship titles.

Amid the scandal surrounding Christian Horner, which now directly involves Max’s own father, Jos, Prost sees Verstappen as “fresh” and “motivated” on his path to the 4th title.

“The mind is as important as a heavy right foot – as was the case in my era,” shares Prost, who was in Bahrain this weekend.

“Once you’ve won your first title, everything changes. You’ve reached a major milestone in your career, and you need a new one. Max now has three titles and has won so many races just in 2023. You must be able to constantly motivate yourself.”

Verstappen’s Unyielding Drive

“And I see no problem with Max in this regard. The way he leads his life, his attitude, his character, he always seems fresh and eager for success.”

“When you achieve so much, some people expect you to continue to succeed, while others wait for you to stumble because they crave something new. I think Max is very aware of this situation.”

“I see a Max Verstappen as motivated on his way to his fourth title as he was a year ago on his way to his third.”

He also believes Verstappen skillfully walks the line between being “the necessary selfish” to achieve great success and “managing to be a nice guy.”

“Max is ahead of everyone, and not just because of his exceptional talent, which allows him to get the most out of a car than his teammates. It’s also a matter of character and mental attitude.”

“Some of the other young drivers show fabulous speed – Charles Leclerc, Lando Norris, Oscar Piastri. But it’s one thing to win and another to compete consistently at the highest level throughout a season and be able to fight for a title.”

“Even for me, today, it’s impossible to say how they would react to such pressure if they were in Max’s situation.”

Prost: Verstappen’s Drive & Character Unwavering”. Prost: Verstappen’s Drive & Character Unwavering”


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