RB F1 Team Synergy

RB F1’s Mekies Defends Team Synergy Claims


Laurent Mekies, RB F1’s new head, counters claims of excessive synergy with Red Bull Racing, emphasizing adherence to FIA rules and the team’s independent competitiveness amid speculation and investigation demands.

The increasing performances are attributed by McLaren CEO, Zak Brown, to the creation of more synergies with the Red Bull Racing team.

And in the paddock, Brown has been the most vocal, urging the FIA to crack down on what he terms “B teams” – but Mekies insists that Red Bull and RB are not in the wrong.

“We adhere to the regulations 100%. If anyone has doubts about that, they should specify their concerns,” the Frenchman told Ouest France.

FIA Investigates Red Bull Team Synergy

“The FIA will conduct an investigation and present its findings. Red Bull has had two teams in F1 for 20 years. The regulations are extremely clear on what a team can and cannot share with another team. It remains a sport where it’s very difficult to copy another team’s car, so sharing an engine, gearbox, or suspension does not allow – unfortunately for us – to achieve the performance level of the team providing these components. Otherwise, it would be too easy. It’s a virtually baseless fear since we have ten years of history showing that it has never miraculously allowed a team to leap in performance. If we want to make that leap, it’s not going to happen through this. It’s through investments, recruitment, strengthening, and sustainably organizing the team, etc.”

Regarding the political ties between the two teams also highlighted by Zak Brown when it comes to voting on regulations, “it changes nothing,” according to Mekies.

“Neither in the work we must do to become more competitive – hence the strengthening of the team which becomes more independent by the day – nor in our freedom and duty to compete with the other nine teams on the track. We buy certain components from Red Bull but remain independent competitors.”

Mekies clarifies that RB F1 is well capable of creating its own racing cars.

“In ten years, the company has doubled in size, which also reflects the exponentially increased competitiveness of F1. What was a small team at the time has become a medium-sized team, and from medium-sized, it has become a top team. Today, we are larger than the top teams were ten or fifteen years ago.”

RB F1, owned by Red Bull, is thus indirectly linked to the investigation targeting Christian Horner, whose results and decision are still pending. What is Mekies’ stance?

“We all call for an investigation that is fair and transparent. And if possible, swift. We must also remember the presumption of innocence. Red Bull is a company that, we are confident, will act justly and transparently. Let’s maintain the presumption of innocence throughout this investigation where it belongs.”

RB F1 Team Synergy. RB F1 Team Synergy


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