Bottas Motivation Stake F1

Bottas Eyes Motivation Boost at Stake F1 Team


Valtteri Bottas senses a renewed drive within Sauber, now Stake F1, aiming for a significant upturn as they evolve into Audi F1.

Valtteri Bottas has acknowledged a shift in motivation at Sauber, which will compete as Stake F1 Team in 2024 and 2025 before transitioning to Audi F1 in 2026.

The past two years have been challenging under the Alfa Romeo banner for the former Mercedes driver, who undoubtedly anticipated a quicker ascendancy in his new endeavor, as he embarks on the final planned year of his contract.

“We didn’t achieve the targets we set for last season, but now it’s about hitting them.”

“We need to start the season strongly, but then keep up the good progress, which I believe is achievable with the additional team members, including the great talent we already have on the team. With this new identity and fresh ideas, I feel there are no limits.”

Bottas Hails Seidl, Key’s Impact at Stake

Bottas, who joined the team in 2022, singled out Andreas Seidl as one of the difference-makers behind the scenes, while also being excited about the respected James Key’s recent arrival as technical director.

“I see strong motivation everywhere. There have been new ideas, a lot of freshness. There’s a lot of motivation and the atmosphere is positive. I would say the team spirit and the type of commitment for this year are, I would say, the highest I’ve seen so far.”

“I’m also thinking about Andreas’ leadership; he’s been very skilled at dealing with people and trying to shift some of the old-school mindset in the team and ensuring we no longer accept poor results, that we need to do better.”

What would then constitute a good season for Stake F1 according to Bottas, after finishing 9th out of 10 in the championship in 2023?

“I would say meeting the targets we set for last year, meaning much better championship positions, consistent points throughout the season, and sometimes, with a bit of luck, a chance for podiums, would be my ideal goal.”

“I think we need to aim high; there’s no reason to start a new season just aiming for one place higher. We need to be much better than that.”

Bottas Motivation Stake F1. Bottas Motivation Stake F1


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