Pirelli Reports Minimal Wear and Graining in Miami

Pirelli Reports Minimal Wear and Graining in Miami


In Miami, Pirelli highlighted the remarkable durability and performance of their tires, showcasing minimal wear.

Pirelli praised Lando Norris and McLaren F1 for their victory, through the voice of its Formula 1 Director, Mario Isola. The manufacturer noted that 1,110 laps of the Miami circuit were completed this Sunday, with 562 on medium tires, accounting for 50.6%.

The hard tire covered 45.4% of the distance, while the soft compound was only seen on the cars of Stake F1. Seeing the medium tire do most of the work is surprising, but it was the choice for three-quarters of the grid at the start of the race, with 15 drivers opting for it.

“First of all, I would like to congratulate Lando Norris on his first Formula 1 victory. I am sure he will never forget the emotions he felt in the final kilometers and then on the podium!” Isola stated.

“Strangely, despite the surprises of the safety cars, first virtual then real, it was a very linear race in terms of tire behavior: a single stop and tires that, regardless of the color of their stripe, degraded relatively little, partly due to the absence of graining and there was also very little performance difference between the cars.”

“That said, we observed that the two most used compounds, C2 and C3, allowed the drivers to attack hard for almost the entire race, as shown by the study of lap time chronology, which made for a very interesting race, even if on paper it seemed constrained by strategy. Obviously, the VSC and SC ruined the plans of several teams on the pit walls, while others were luckier or smarter, but all this is part of racing.”

“As always, it will be important to carefully analyze all the data gathered over the three days of this Grand Prix, as they will provide insights that might be useful in terms of compound choices and understanding the interaction between the tires and different types of track surfaces. In fact, this is why Formula 1 is a fascinating sport: every day, you can learn something that can lead to progress.”

Pirelli Reports Minimal Wear and Graining in Miami

Pirelli Reports Minimal Wear and Graining in Miami. Pirelli Reports Minimal Wear and Graining in Miami

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