Haas F1's Magnussen Faces Possible Race Ban

Haas F1’s Magnussen Faces Possible Race Ban


Haas driver Kevin Magnussen risks a race ban with only two penalty points left until 2025.

With the strictness of the stewards early this season, F1 drivers have accumulated numerous penalty points. A prime example is Kevin Magnussen, who has 10 points on his license, despite starting the year with a clean record.

The Haas driver could have faced a one-race suspension, which is imposed at 12 points, had the panel of stewards not shown leniency and refrained from adding points for his unsportsmanlike conduct during Saturday’s Sprint. He notably committed several severe infractions in Miami, including one that sent Logan Sargeant into the wall.

However, in any case, the Dane will need to be very cautious this season, as his total of 10 points will remain until the end of the year. In other words, he has 18 races and four Sprints left to complete without incurring more than two penalty points.

It is known that the FIA was lenient with Pierre Gasly, who nearly reached this limit in 2022, and allowed him to avoid a suspension. But for the sake of consistency, and despite the stewards not showing much of it, Magnussen may face the consequences of the increased severity in decisions.

Behind him, Sergio Pérez has eight points, as does Logan Sargeant, and both drivers must navigate this summer without exceeding four points. Lance Stroll has seven points but will recover them quickly, unlike Fernando Alonso, who received six penalty points early in the season.

DriverTeamPointsNext Recovery (number)
Kevin MagnussenHaas10March 9, 2025 (3 pts)
Sergio PérezRed Bull8September 17 (1 pt)
Logan SargeantWilliams8September 3 (2 pts)
Lance StrollAston Martin7July 9 (2 pts)
Fernando AlonsoAston Martin6March 24, 2025 (2 pts)
Lewis HamiltonMercedes4July 29 (2 pts)
George RussellMercedes4May 28 (2 pts)
Yuki TsunodaRB F13June 4 (1 pt)
Nico HülkenbergHaas2May 29 (2 pts)
Guanyu ZhouStake F12July 23 (2 pts)
Valtteri BottasStake F12October 29 (2 pts)
Max VerstappenRed Bull2November 19 (2 pts)
Daniel RicciardoRB F12April 21, 2025 (2 pts)
Carlos SainzFerrari1May 5, 2025 (1 pt)
Haas F1's Magnussen Faces Possible Race Ban

Haas F1’s Magnussen Faces Possible Race Ban. Haas F1’s Magnussen Faces Possible Race Ban

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