Piastri Composure in F1 The Secret of Oscar Calm
Oscar Piastri provides guidance for upcoming F1 hopefuls. Image: XPB Images

Oscar Piastri: F1 Rookie’s Calm Amidst High Pressure


In F1’s high-stakes arena, rookie Oscar Piastri stands out with remarkable composure. His ability to stay calm under pressure distinguishes him in the demanding world of Formula 1 racing.

Oscar Piastri impressed with his calmness during his rookie Formula 1 season last year. The McLaren F1 driver never reacted poorly despite some setbacks or frustrations, and he explains that for him, it’s an astonishing approach to turn on the radio to express his annoyance.

“As far as I’m concerned, I find it quite easy,” Piastri said about staying calm. “Make no mistake, I’ve had some thoughts, especially at those times and at other moments throughout the year. But I find it quite surprising that other drivers go into fits of rage on the radio.”

“We physically have to turn on the radio, it’s not on all the time, so a lot of these things, you can say to yourself without the whole world knowing, and that’s kind of the approach I take.”

“I don’t say much to myself when I don’t go on the radio, but I think for me, it’s just a mentality thing to yell at someone or call them names.”

“It’s not useful for me to do that, especially when I still have a race to run. It’s just not practical. Maybe I’ll say it to myself in a corner, but I don’t necessarily need to let the whole world know.”

He humorously assures that he doesn’t scream into his pillow when he gets home: “No, that’s not the case. Usually, I fall asleep directly or start thinking about too many things, but no, I’ve never screamed into a pillow or needed to hit it or anything else. I’m pretty relaxed.”

Piastri’s Composure in F1 The Secret of Oscar Calm. f1 2024. Piastri’s Composure in F1 The Secret of Oscar Calm

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