Perez Red Bull Controversy No Comment for Checo

Checo Declines to Comment on Recent Turmoil


Sergio Perez avoids discussing Red Bull’s recent internal conflicts, focusing instead on racing and the team’s future goals.

In contrast to Max Verstappen’s stance yesterday, Sergio Perez has aligned with the official narrative provided by his Red Bull team, believing that the controversy surrounding the team’s director, Christian Horner, and its implications within the team are now “all behind us.”

The Mexican driver chose not to engage with comments made by Jos Verstappen, Max’s father, who had confirmed an internal power struggle within Red Bull between the Austrian and Thai factions, which could potentially lead to a breakdown of the structure if no agreement is reached among all parties.

“Well, I believe everything is now behind us,” Perez stated when asked about the recent disturbances.

“Red Bull has issued a clear statement (regarding Horner). Ultimately, we are a racing team, here to compete and focus on winning on the track.”

“Off the track, when working with the team, it’s crucial to remember that Red Bull is a vast organization, and racing is our main goal, it’s as simple as that.”

When questioned if Red Bull’s management had provided assurances following the fallout from this affair, Perez skillfully dodged the question.

“Our discussions primarily revolve around the competition. We understand it’s behind us, and I value Christian’s leadership as the team director and CEO, and that everything will continue as before.”

“To be honest, among ourselves, we’ve mostly discussed the Bahrain race, how it went, and how we can improve. That’s our main focus.”

Asked if Christian Horner’s issues had impacted the team, Perez had a straightforward answer.

“When you look at the results we’ve just achieved, finishing the first race with a one-two and starting the season on the right foot, that’s the answer.”

“The team is working. There’s still a lot we can fine-tune to get faster, and that’s our main source of motivation.”

“From my perspective, that’s where my focus lies, on improving what we did in Bahrain, that’s our main goal.”

Red Bull’s Driver Aims to Shine Again in Saudi Arabia

Sergio Perez, last year’s champion in Jeddah, aims to clinch the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix title once more this weekend. He shares his approach to the season’s second race.

“I believe we need to be strong in the race, be at the level when it matters to secure a good position, and prepare as much as possible for the weekend,” the Mexican driver commented.

“It’s a place where the qualifying session is important, but it’s not crucial, and race pace can really propel you to the front, so that’s what’s most important right now.”

Perez remains undisturbed by tensions within Red Bull: “I’m a driver, and I’m here to race, to enjoy, to work hard with the engineers and mechanics. We are a racing team, and that’s where my focus lies.”

Perez Red Bull Controversy. Perez Red Bull Controversy

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