Perez on Verstappen's Move I See No Reason

Perez on Verstappen’s Move: “I See No Reason”


Amidst the Horner crisis at Red Bull Racing, Sergio Perez speaks on Max Verstappen’s uncertain future and the potential of a move to Mercedes F1, highlighting internal tensions and contractual clauses.

Sergio Perez commented on the internal situation at Red Bull Racing, especially Max Verstappen’s stance amidst the Horner crisis. Although calmed, the issue remains unresolved as the suspended Red Bull employee plans to appeal and has approached the FIA.

Speculation suggests Verstappen might move to Mercedes F1, a transition potentially eased by Dr. Helmut Marko’s departure. A clause in his contract, unknown to Christian Horner and inserted by Red Bull Austria, could allow this.

“All I can say is that I don’t have that clause. I’m unaware of Max’s contract specifics. It’s better you ask him,” Perez stated in Melbourne.

“As far as I know, Max has a contract with the team and is fully committed. Beyond that, I believe it’s not my place to comment. It has nothing to do with me. I’m focused on my decisions and actions. Discussing other drivers without facts seems pointless.”

On the potential impact of Verstappen’s departure on the team’s dynamics, Perez believes:

“The team is in a strong position, given our current results and harmony. Achieving this likely took years.”

“Currently, the team dynamic and engineering group are closely knit. This unity is evident on the track and in our efficiency over the last year.”

“I see no reason for change. Max’s departure would, however, be a significant loss.”

Valtteri Bottas considers Verstappen’s move to Mercedes F1 a possibility.

Also questioned about Verstappen, former Mercedes F1 driver Valtteri Bottas sees a potential fit despite past tensions between Hamilton and Verstappen.

“I don’t find it strange because, ultimately, it’s racing, a fierce competition, and you aim for the best options.”

“This is F1, rivalries are normal. I don’t believe Max has burnt bridges anywhere and any team would value him.”

“So, it’s a possibility. I’m not privy to his current situation, but personally, I don’t see why he would leave Red Bull, clearly the fastest car on the grid, though I lack all the details.”

Perez on Verstappen’s Move: “I See No Reason”. Perez on Verstappen’s Move: “I See No Reason”


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