Perez Mulls Red Bull Exit Amid 2025 Seat Doubts

Perez Mulls Red Bull Exit Amid 2025 Seat Doubts


In a surprising turn, Sergio Perez contemplates his Red Bull future, expressing for the first time doubts about his seat for the 2025 season amidst internal team dynamics.

Up until now, discussions surrounding Sergio Perez’s future at Red Bull have largely been attributed to a decision by the team, but for the first time, the Mexican driver has expressed doubts about his continuation in his seat for 2025.

The Mexican is in his fourth season with Red Bull, but with his contract concluding at the end of the year, it remains uncertain if it will be his last with the team.

Perez’s position at Red Bull has been under threat since mid-season 2022 when Max Verstappen began to dominate, while Perez’s performance trended in the opposite direction.

The recruitment of Daniel Ricciardo in 2023 led many to speculate that Perez might not make it through 2024, yet a second-place finish in Bahrain suggests he can deliver exactly what the team is looking for.

Regarding what he wants, Perez hinted for the first time that it might be his decision to leave, rather than the team’s, in an effort to secure a spot in F1. If the Mexican is pessimistic, it’s because he could also be a casualty of the power struggle between Red Bull’s Austrian and Thai factions.

“It’s very early to say,” he commented when asked if he wished to continue until 2025.

“The situation is delicate at Red Bull at the moment. I want to wait a few races to see how things unfold and maybe make a decision (to secure a spot in F1).”

“It’s obviously neither easy nor straightforward. This seat has complexities we’ve seen in the past. We’ve seen great drivers, they don’t even last six months or a year, and they’ve proven to be great drivers elsewhere.”

“It’s a unique team in that respect.”

In the Jeddah paddock, things already seem clear: if Horner manages to keep his position, saved by the Thais, he would have to align the duo desired by the majority shareholder, Chalerm Yoovidhya.

And this duo, according to several leaks, would be Alex Albon and Daniel Ricciardo, in case Max Verstappen decides to leave following the whole affair.

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