Norris Nearly Universally Loved

Norris Nearly Universally Loved, Says McLaren’s Brown


McLaren’s Zak Brown praises Lando Norris as almost universally adored within the F1 community.

McLaren’s boss, Zak Brown, has described Lando Norris as a “driver loved by everyone” after the Briton clinched his first Grand Prix win in Miami on Sunday.

It took six seasons and 110 starts before Norris, 24, finally stood atop a Grand Prix podium.

“I think it was a huge win for Lando and he had a lot of support behind him.”

“I’ve never met anyone who doesn’t like Lando. He’s loved by everyone, just look at all the congratulations he’s received from others, from teams, directors, and fans. It’s a great win for him, for F1, for the sport.”

Brown even added that Norris is “every fan’s favorite driver, or the second or third favorite, but I’ve never heard fourth, and I’ve certainly never met someone who doesn’t like him at all.”

For Oscar Piastri, despite the disappointment of his own result, this victory is a good sign.

“Yes, I think there are certainly a lot of positives. I think for both of us, the car was really solid. I think winning the race with the right pace, pulling away from Max after the safety car, is a very, very encouraging sign. So, I’m very happy for him and for the entire team. I think we deserve it.”

“Our trajectory over the last 12 months has been leading to this moment. For Lando, it’s been a long time coming. So I’m happy for him. My turn now!”

However, McLaren remains grounded, knowing that stringing wins together will be difficult. Red Bull remains the benchmark.

“I think it would be a bit premature to think that their time is over, but clearly with everything that’s happened this year, and now that Adrian Newey is leaving, it’s clear that the team has issues beyond their race car,” Brown continued.

Brown did not rule out McLaren discussing with Newey when asked about it.

“Adrian will be missed, and I think there’s some truth to the rumors about Max Verstappen’s departure, so for everyone in F1, you have to stay on top of your game otherwise you can quickly fall back. We will definitely be discussing, more or less informally, with Adrian. I think everyone will.”

The next race on the calendar will be in Imola, Italy. Can McLaren confirm there?

“We’ll see. We just have to keep working. Formula 1 is a sport that never stops. And if you stand still, you move backward because everyone else is moving forward.”

Norris Nearly Universally Loved

Norris Nearly Universally Loved, Says McLaren’s Brown. Norris Nearly Universally Loved, Says McLaren’s Brown

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