Marko Debunks Imola Driver Swap Rumors Critiques

Marko Debunks Imola Driver Swap Rumors, Critiques


Helmut Marko dismisses rumors of a driver change at Imola, while critiquing Lawson’s manager amidst Ricciardo’s struggles.

Red Bull advisor Dr. Helmut Marko has denied persistent rumors in recent hours that Daniel Ricciardo could be ousted from the RB F1 team before the Emilia-Romagna Grand Prix.

Following a challenging start to the season for Ricciardo, speculation has emerged suggesting the Australian might soon be replaced. Awaiting a full-time promotion, Liam Lawson stepped in for Ricciardo during five races last year when the former Red Bull and McLaren driver injured his wrist at the Dutch Grand Prix.

Lawson’s performances have impressed many, including Marko, but no seat swap is planned for Imola. He criticizes Lawson’s manager who may have spoken too freely in the local media!

“The rumors that Ricciardo will be replaced by Liam Lawson at Imola are absurd.”

“Liam’s manager in New Zealand apparently has certain dreams, and they have been expressed through some media – including in New Zealand. Nothing is planned for Imola.”

However, Marko hinted that Lawson’s opportunity might well arise: “Of course, we will look into this in the future.”

Ricciardo’s lackluster season took a positive turn in Miami as he finished the sprint race in fourth place, earning praise from Marko.

“Daniel delivered a remarkable performance in the sprint. Finishing fourth made a big impression and he set the fastest time in sector 3.”

“This sector mainly consists of slow corners. If you drive precisely there, you can gain an incredible amount of time. And if you make a mistake, it’s doubly punitive due to the slowness.”

However, Marko remains mystified by Ricciardo’s subsequent drop in form during the qualifying and the Grand Prix.

“Three hours later, Ricciardo made a mistake in qualifying. This meant he was out of the window during qualifying and he was eliminated in Q1. But that was not all, as Ricciardo was also off the pace in the race.”

“Yuki [Tsunoda] was consistently fast, while Ricciardo lacked the speed and confidence that were there during the sprint. The Ricciardo mystery continues…”

Marko Debunks Imola Driver Swap Rumors Critiques

Marko Debunks Imola Driver Swap Rumors, Critiques. Marko Debunks Imola Driver Swap Rumors, Critiques

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