Norris McLaren Mercedes Loyalty

Norris Unfazed by Missing Mercedes Move, Stays Loyal


Lando Norris expresses no regret over renewing his McLaren contract, sidelining a potential Mercedes F1 opportunity.

Lando Norris is not concerned about missing a chance to join Mercedes F1 by renewing his contract with McLaren earlier this year.

In January, McLaren announced Norris had signed a new deal to remain with the team beyond 2025. Six days later, Mercedes unexpectedly announced Lewis Hamilton would leave for Ferrari at the end of this year, opening a highly sought-after seat within the team.

However, Norris stressed his happiness to stay at McLaren, where he made his F1 debut in 2019.

“I’m very happy. I could have waited, I had a choice. I knew there would potentially be opportunities for me.”

“I was aware of the opportunities available to me last year and this year and what could happen or will happen anyway over the next two years. So, no regrets whatsoever.”

“I have faith in my team, in what we’ve achieved, and what we can achieve in the future, and I’m very happy where I am.”

Norris Seeks First Win in Sixth Season

He’s entering his sixth F1 season this year, still in search of his first Grand Prix win after achieving 13 podium finishes.

“Of course, I’d be happier if we achieve more of the goals we all aim for. But the main point is that I enjoy spending time with the guys I’m with, and for me, that’s always a big part of my life. I want to enjoy where I am.”

“I think it’s an important element to try and improve as a team at the same time, getting to know everyone and pushing everyone, and I believe everyone is capable of achieving the goal of being the best Formula 1 team.”

Nevertheless, Norris admits that McLaren is still at best the third force on the grid.

“We had a decent car at the end of last season, and I think we’ve definitely made steps in the right direction. But I think we are still far behind Red Bull and behind Ferrari. So, there’s still a lot of work to do. But there are also many things we’ve learned these last few days that we can implement before next week.”

Norris McLaren Mercedes Loyalty. Norris McLaren Mercedes Loyalty


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