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Komatsu’s Haas Reign: No Nonsense Allowed, Unlike Günther


Nico Hülkenberg praises Ayao Komatsu, seeing his leadership at Haas as a positive and insightful shift, enhancing team dynamics.

Nico Hülkenberg views the replacement of Günther Steiner with Ayao Komatsu as Haas F1’s head as a positive shift. The German driver points out that the Japanese engineer is much more in tune with technical teams and has a better grasp of ongoing operations.

“He’s a completely different person, a different character. That’s quite clear. He’s an engineer. His background is different,” Hülkenberg stated. “He brings a wealth of experience and expertise. Engineers can’t feed him nonsense, no one can because he understands what’s happening.”

“He approaches things from a highly technical perspective. What he has done so far, restructuring the technical department, appears to be beneficial. He’s obviously trying—and it’s his job—to optimize many structures and maximize what we currently have.”

However, Hülkenberg reassures about the team’s seriousness: “I don’t think anyone tried to spin nonsense last year with Günther. I just believe that having someone so technically minded and with such a deep understanding of F1 car engineering across all departments.”

“He comes straight from race engineering and leads this group. I’m part of this group. So, we’re working on aerodynamics, vehicle dynamics, systems, design. We’re involved in all departments.”

“He has led this group and now is in charge. Thus, everyone feels they can turn to someone they consider understanding. As a leader, to be understood, you must first understand. For Ayao, understanding comes much more naturally given his background.”

Komatsu Leadership Haas F1. Komatsu Leadership Haas F1


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