Norris and McLaren F1 A Journey of Growth

Norris and McLaren F1: A Journey of Growth


Lando Norris declares growth with McLaren F1 essential, aiming to craft a remarkable success story together.

Lando Norris and McLaren F1 continue to grow together, striving for the pinnacle of Formula 1, with the papaya team emerging as a credible and consistent threat to the reigning world champions Red Bull following a restructuring led by team director Andrea Stella.

Since the developments introduced in Austria last year, McLaren has made significant strides, culminating in a victory this year in Miami, the first in the modern era of ground effect F1 cars.

Performance gains have been relentless—just like Norris’s own progress.

“We are on the same level,” says Norris, who has been with McLaren since 2019.

“We have made the journey together, from where the team was five or six years ago to now, we have progressed together. I didn’t join a good team that was winning and then performed poorly. We work together, we are in all of this together.”

“Again, I want to succeed with McLaren. I’ve had the opportunity to move to other teams, and perhaps to teams (Red Bull) where I could be winning races now. I want to win many races, but I’m not desperate to the point of jumping into another cockpit, going somewhere else.”

“I don’t need to do that. I don’t want to do it. I want to enjoy the team where I am, the people I work with and I want to create that beautiful story with McLaren.”

“Over the next five or ten years, where can I achieve the most results? I think that’s with McLaren. Just like when Max joined Red Bull, they weren’t winning everything at the time – but they achieved everything five, six, seven years later. That’s what I believe I can do with McLaren.”

“Especially before 2026, I believe I am in the ideal position and I couldn’t be happier with the team where I am.”

Norris and McLaren F1 A Journey of Growth

Norris and McLaren F1: A Journey of Growth. Norris and McLaren F1: A Journey of Growth

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