Marko Discusses Red Bull Woes Newey's Likely Ferrari Move

Marko Sheds Light on Red Bull Issues, Newey’s Ferrari Shift


Helmut Marko discusses the internal issues at Red Bull and Adrian Newey’s potential switch to Ferrari.

Dr. Helmut Marko, as outspoken as ever, believes that Adrian Newey will eventually return to Formula 1 with Ferrari.

The Austrian consultant for Red Bull in F1 even admits that the backstage turbulence within the team throughout 2024 so far, including the Christian Horner scandal, has contributed to the decision of the genius designer to resign.

“This has been looming for some time,” admits Marko.

And unlike Christian Horner, the team principal, he doubts that Newey will extend his vacation after the first quarter of 2025.

A few months ago, Amanda, Newey’s wife, refuted a claim by Horner that other prominent members of the technical team—like Pierre Wache—were already more responsible for Red Bull’s recent dominance.

“There were several things that annoyed Adrian. That was one of them,” confirms Marko about the growing disagreements between Horner and Newey.

And, once again, contrary to Horner’s stance, Marko admits that Newey will be greatly missed at Red Bull.

“With Newey, you have a leading figure. With him on board, it was much easier to recruit young engineers because it was an honor for them to work with him.”

“When there were problems, Newey was often the first to find the solution,” he adds, while fearing that “Red Bull might now struggle to find the best technical solution right from the start for the brand new regulations in 2026.”

“The most experienced man will no longer be with us. And I fear he might be with a rival team immediately, probably Ferrari. I’m betting on red.”

“But that doesn’t mean we’ll go through a technical downturn because of his departure. Now, we must focus on the current world championship and bring the team back to calm.”

“We are bringing an improvement to Imola, and I have high expectations. But Miami shows that we need to focus on the sporting side because everyone wants to take advantage of our current vulnerability.”

Verstappen is under contract until 2028, but it is suggested that if Marko leaves, whether voluntarily or not, the three-time world champion will follow him.

“That’s not the case at all right now,” insists Marko.

“As long as they (Red Bull) provide him a car capable of winning, you can assume Max stays.”

“But 2026 is definitely a turning point. Once again, I say: Max wants to race where he has the best chance of winning, and that is currently Red Bull for 2024 and 2025.”

Ford reassures its commitment alongside Red Bull

As Red Bull loses Adrian Newey in preparation for 2026, future engine partner Ford has shared its thoughts on the situation and denied any concern over the news.

Ford will enter Formula 1 in partnership with Red Bull’s new engine division, Red Bull Powertrains, in 2026 – meaning that the American giant will not be powering a new creation by Adrian Newey.

“We have immense respect for Adrian in terms of his career and everything he has done for many different teams in F1, particularly over the last 19 years at Red Bull,” stated Mark Rushbrook, Ford’s Director of Performance Motorsports.

“We wish him the best for whatever he does in the future. However, our focus remains entirely on the powertrain program for 2026. That remains unchanged after this news and continues at full speed.”

“Like any good company or any good racing team, you always have a succession plan and you always train and develop people within the organization. It’s no different in this case. I mean no disrespect to Adrian by saying this, as he is a fantastic engineer, but every team has a succession plan.”

Marko Discusses Red Bull Woes Newey's Likely Ferrari Move

Marko Discusses Red Bull Woes, Newey’s Likely Ferrari Move. Marko Discusses Red Bull Woes, Newey’s Likely Ferrari Move

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