Near Miss at Degner Sargeant's F1 Scare

Near Miss at Degner: Sargeant’s F1 Scare


During a critical moment at Degner, Logan Sargeant narrowly avoids a potentially disastrous crash, highlighting the risks and swift reflexes required in Formula 1.

In a race marred by Albon’s early exit and Ricciardo’s blindspot mishap, Logan Sargeant’s lone battle in the Williams F1 unfolds with highs and lows.

Following Alex Albon’s premature retirement from the race after the initial start, having been hit by Daniel Ricciardo who failed to see him in his mirrors, Logan Sargeant was left as the sole Williams F1 driver in contention.

A scenario ultimately reversed from Melbourne, yet the American lacked the pace to contend for points with the FW46 today.

Worse, he nearly added significantly to the team’s damages by running off at Degner towards the end of the race. Fortunately, he managed to halt his F1 car before hitting the tires.

“After my second pit stop, I pushed as hard as possible to catch up with the group ahead and make a difference. I ended up on the exit curb of the first Degner, locked up the brakes, and went straight on.”

“That moment was disappointing, but there were some positive aspects beforehand. We had a bold strategy to try and race on the hard tires which, I believe, would have worked.”

“Of course, the lap we try to outdo everyone in the pits… everyone pits, and instead of jumping four cars, we got overtaken by four cars.”

“Had it gone as planned, the race would have unfolded very differently. Nevertheless, we tried to adapt to the situation by pitting again as best we could. We could still have achieved a good result, but I made that small mistake.”

Near Miss at Degner Sargeant's F1 Scare

Near Miss at Degner: Sargeant’s F1 Scare. Near Miss at Degner: Sargeant’s F1 Scare

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